Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Times the Charm

    So i figure i should write about breaking my collar bone since it is a more major event of my life, and since i usually just write about food i like or other worthless tids and bits. So I figure it would be good to write about this significant event. In order to give it validity, I want to talk about the other four times first.
     So first collar bone break was when i was but a pup and i fell down the stairs and broke it. So i don't remember this time, but i like to believe i was trying something cooler like a front flip or stair grinding, or some other really cool thing, and not just a clumsy act.
     The second i must say i actually remember. It was the soccer party after one of our seasons, and my dad was the coach then. I was playing against teammates and my brother Adam. Adam ran past me and clipped my shoulder with his shoulder. And although it didn't feel like he did it hard, it just snapped like a twig on a knee. This break was my worst i think. I remember almost throwing up at the doctors office because of pain. The doctor had me doing all the movements that would cause me pain. Like here do a throwing motion, and here  punch this, and here swing this over your head. Lets just say that, I disliked him then and i am not in his fan club now.
     Now the Third time was Skiing. I was doing moguls and cam around one and slammed into it with my should and just like Rice Crispies it went snap, crackle, pop. Then i got to ride the sled down which would be fun if you were not in pain. Just my opinion anyways.
    So the Fourth break is embarrassing. I usually just tell people it was playing soccer since it happened at soccer practice. I was in line for doing drills and someone said you couldn't do a flip on normal ground. I disagreed. So i tried just jumping in place and doing a front flip. I didn't land on my head, because i did it crooked and landed with more weight on my shoulder. SNAP. "Ah snap" is what i wish i said when i broke it. So i broke it doing dumb things. And my dad was there for all those i think, except my fifth and present.
     My 5th and current happened at Grand Targhee, third run 12th hour, 35th min. So I made up the time, because frankly time doesn't matter when one is broken. So i was going down a run called waterfall, which makes this sound like an intense place to break yourself, but in reality it wasn't all that cool. I was darting into the run. When i shot in i came off a small lip hard twisting my body in the air like a pro, because it is a trick. I landed off balance and i was unable to compose myself before hitting the second lip that threw me. I rotated so i would miss a tree, but i landed beside the tree on my shoulder. Snap it went. Immediately i started yelling, "it is broke" and "I broke it." I just kept repeating this because the pain made me uncatchy to say some funny or catchy or punny line. So no witty things. My friends were yelling to me, asking me if I wanted them to get the ski patrol. After repeating those 2 broken phrases lots of times, I finally said yes. Syd took off and Steve stayed with me. He tried to get me to sit still, but my butt was getting cold and I wanted to stand up. I then told him i wanted to ski down and he helped me get my stuff on. I then skied down holding my arm almost as if it was my amputated arm and as if it was a overfilled water balloon that i didn't want to pop. I got down and took my skis off and then i was really light headed and i was trying to find a table to lay down outside, but then i saw a lawn chair and i went to sit down there. I met up with my friends then, and I then i was made to go to the clinic and get checked out. The rest is a story for another day cuz i have to eat breakfast cuz i am hungry as a hungry horse would be.
Peace OUT.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tummy Aches

So i have aches in my tummy, and i thought it was from eating too much, but nope i was wrong. Then I thought i had heart burn for the first time, but my roommate told me that heart burn has to be in your heart region and can't be in my stomach. So an ulcer is the only idea remaining that has yet to be proven wrong. So i will run with it since it sounds a lot more hardcore then a tummy ache, that 3 year old kinds wine about.
Anyways with my tummy ache i went and worked out and i regretted that. We did awkward exercises that squished my stomach and did weird things that made my ulcer act up. I also saw lots of my good friends like, Tuscany 321, and Ben Vinton and wife, Baxter, and others. Then we left and i spent the last hour of the month home teaching. I postponed it till the last hour, but really i would have 2 more days, but February went short and me and had to make things difficult.
So now to recap my crazy weekend. I bleached my hair blond for one. We ran out of bleach though, so I looked kinda funny. Actually it is still the same so that should be present tense and say that i look funny. I like the attention though. It is fun having everyone notice my hair and make comments like, "what happened?", and "why did you do that?" Not the best questions to be asked, but i do like everyone looking at me. It makes me feel like the super model that i never was.
I bleached my hair to complete my outfit for pond skimming. Pond skimming is where you go down a hill on skis and try and ski across a pool. Most the school comes, and it turns into a huge event. So i signed up and i dressed up like a nuggets bball player in really small tight pants. I was quite the cuttie. So it was freezing, and even more so when i took off my jacket and just had my few tight clothes on. But my time came, and i stood at the top of the hill looking at everyone from school surrounding the pool in great masses. So i clipped on my skis and took off, showing my coolness to everyone. I got to the water and jumped doing a spread eagle and landed in the pool, skimming across the top for a bit and then sinking. I made quite a splash(figurative), then i sunk into the coldest water ever. I have never been in water so cold in my life. But i got out and said something dumb in the microphone, and then went to the warming tent. The tent was full, so i waited in the cold, wet and freezing till i finally got in. I did all this with Dallon my roommate and it was a blast. I can't wait to do it again next year.
So after the skim, we went home to where we were having a jello party. I had spent most the day making jell-o, and we had only a few people out of the 120 that we invited. It was a blast though and we had jello slurping contests, and we danced afterward till curfew. It was amazing and I love it here. That is all.
peace out.