Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homework equals lame

So i decided that when i get all annoyed with my homework, that I will write my Random thoughts. Ok so for peter and my mom and others, I have seen no cute black girls today, and the only girl buy me is a library cop and she doesn't have a badge in her wallet, and she has a sweet spirit i think, but that is it. Actually i didn't talk to her, so these are assumptions.
So monday i had a spiritual experience. This girl called by the name of Ashley Mono is sick with some heart pain thing. It isn't heartburn. It is heart pain, and her heart beats with a little too much gusto. So I went to visit her, to see how she was doing, and she told me that she had just prayed that I would come to take her mind off her heart illness. So i came and told her all my jokes and we watched a show about a spelling bee on TV. I remember being in elementary school and failing the spelling bee two years in a row, with sissors and libary. Just kidding I know how to spell them, but I didn't during the spelling bee. No joke. It hurt me though, and i haven't been able to spel since. It scarred me forevr.
After her house. I took peoples garbage out at her apt complex and since they were strangers, they got really confused when i would walk into their apt and ask for their garbage. And one apt was packed with guys and girls in the dark, watching a movie. They left their door open a crack and had their garbage just inside the door. I slow motion leaned through the crack in the door and while they all looked at me with puzzled looks i took their garbage and slipped out. I left them speechless. Then after i was already into the parking lot a girl yelled thank you. Who knew garbage could be so fun. Garbage men must do their job because they like it.
Ok now back in time before I went to her house i went to our combined ward FHE and ate 8 pizza slices. I have eaten way too much pizza here, but it was good, and I ate candy.
Now forward in time, I chilled with Haley and we had several special moments together.
More forward in time. Like the next day actually, which was yesterday actually, I chilled with Haley more. We even did homework together, which is really hard, because I just want to go do things and not homework. Also i decided just now, like this half-second to give Taylor a shout out. She is Haley's cousin and she is blond, and single, and waiting for a cool guy. Text me if you are interested. She is really fun and crazy and she has a funny run, she screams when i swerve at things in my car, and she enjoys long walks on the beach. She is a blogger, which means she is cool, and she is ticklish(this word is weird).
Well I am going to do homework again and keep my eye out for more black people, and I am going to eat rice and beans for lunch. Also i am going to bother(another weird word) Haley while she does her homework, and probably hang out with her a lot. Oh and I am going to tease Christine Haley's adopted tall sister about watching a scary movie with Curtis #4.
oh and p.s. I Morgan my roommate can shower and shave in approximately 12 min. Pure skill and no cuts.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sad Day

It is a sad day to see the weekend come to an end. I spent Friday morning debating on whether to go to Utah or not to see my dad and sister who were riding 50 miles with my old man. Old man in this context is referring to my grandpa of 80 years maybe and not my dad who is less then that. Anyways the rootbeer party was a flop and I guess that the root of the word rootbeer, but not the root part has a way of scaring Mormons off up here at the YI. Can't say drinking party either. Next time i will need to say float party and let their imaginations play with that. Hopefully they wouldn't think of smoking and getting high. There is no winning up here.
Anyways after that huge tangent, I was regretting that night for having stayed in Rexburg, and saturday was looking dismal as i wanted to spend the day with Haley J and she had other plans all day. Even a non-date with a guy to hot springs. YIkes. So i tried various methods and forms of guilt trips and persuasions to no immediate avail. However during the young women broadcast i got a text saying she would like to spend the night with me instead. My night got good. I got to spend the whole night with her. We played lazer tag and she got third out of all the people that came. She is my rambo, but the girl version. Maybe my Ramba or something. Then we had a fire and ate smores. I got to cuddle with her and i always want "smore" or that. Ok bad pun. It was an amazing night that made staying in Rexburg totally worth it. I think she enjoys seeing me run on my toes for her.
Sunday we (my roommates and I), went to church and had good meetings. The highlight was Sunday school though. Our teacher was on crack I think and was talking in weird voices and doing martial arts moves and using made up sayings. It was entertaining though, if that was his purpose. And now i know the influence of crack on Sunday school teachers.
Then i ate a pop tart, which i regretted.
I spent the rest of my waking hours with Haley the girl that beats my chests drum. We had a picnic that she and her rad and righteous roommates made for us. Then we went to the park later, and i got to spend one on one time with Haley learning about her and what makes her unique and special. Then we played games and made banana bread with frozen bananas, with Tay(short for taylor), Chri(short for Christine), Kutis(with a c and not a K), and Haley. I lost at nertz, but i had fun seeing everyone so intense.
This is too long. bye

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back at the Y I.

So since BYU is called the Y, It is official that I am going to try and get everyone to call this place the YI. Only makes sense. Anyways I have now been up at the YI for several weeks and It now feels almost like I never left. Also I am going to try harder to use my blog more on days when boredom hits, like Saturday mornings. So it has been awesome so far. I have become social again and I have met tons of new people. Although lately since I met this girl, there is not huge motivation in meeting new people, like girls. So I am taking some really easy classes, and Chem 105, which kicks my trash. However that will change soon enough. Also I like to talk about food, so here is my food rant. I love it, but I am already getting tired of the huge bag of cereal i bought, Romen, and rice. But i just bought Oreos from heaven and pop tarts from a western family. That is a brand if you didn't get my bad joke and heaven is not a brand if you were confused. Anyways this semester I met the prettiest girl ever. To protect her identity I will refer to her as Haley or maybe miss Jorgensen, or maybe Haley Dawn. Either way I am referring in code to this girl. Anyways we have done tons of cool things this semester already, and most of the time my room mates or hers are usually present. We have gone to the civil defense caves and played hide and go seek with glow sticks, and I got us in trouble with an army guy. Also we have been to several bonfires, and that has been hot. Then we have played lazer tag, watched movies, and last night we had homemade rootbeer.
So I suck with paragraphs, so i am just going to start a new one so the other one doesn't get too big. Any-who my roommate we will refer to him as Jacob to protect his identity, or maybe Brian is cool. We have lots of quality pillow talk about girls. He my personal guru and Buddha. He is so wise. He really likes a girl right now, and it wouldn't surprise me if he married her. He is ALWAYS thinking about her, and school, and getting big muscles.
New paragraph. Actually i am kinda out of things to say, plus i didn't really have much to say from the beginning hence all the rambling and lack of structure in my posting. Anyways life is swell and righteous. I actually wanted to use cowabunga there, but i don't know how to use it in a sentence and be grammatically accurate. So I like Haley a ton. And depending on which of you ever reads this, it is you. Between my sister and my crush. And i love my family, friends, and food. PEACE.
New paragraph. OUT
ps. I just learned how to put pictures on :-)