Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jackson Hole Ski Trip

So i just went this last weekend to Jackson Hole Wyoming. So it was amazing and just fyi i am lazy tonight so i am not going to write a ton. Anyways we left Sunday morning and drove a very riveting drive through the Wyoming jungle. So on the drive we saw buffalo grazing and i tried to hit them with snowballs, but my arm is sissy. I guess that wasn't my day to see a stampede or a POed buffalo. We also saw the grand teton mountain range in a spectacular way. They are very pointy and the last place i would want to be banished would be on the point of one of those mountains. So we stayed in Jackson Hole in these cool little cabins. My brother, me and my dad. Then we had a friend Joel and his kids ben and alex in the cabin 3 feet away. We also had a hot tub, which was awesome as can be. I loved it. Then we skied Jackson on monday and targhee on tuesday. I would try to describe those, but that would require too many adjectives and awesome would be the best way to describe it. And Mary came up and skied with us at Jackson. I have kind of a crush on her and i can say that here, because it is safe, because no one reads this anyways. She has such a great personality a glowing smile and she is super cute. So ya the trip was amazing and now i am back to cause trouble. peace out

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short Lived

So i was going to write about sports and stuff, but really i already ran out of things to say since this is a one sided conversation anyways. I find talking to myself right now really weird and i realize i am a little strange, and that it is probably permanent so i should accustom my self to the reality and continue my skewed and strange way of life.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mogul Skiing

So i have been skiing moguls as long as i can remember, and I thought I would write out some tips that have helped me ski them a little better, and tips that I have heard from others. Feel free to share ideas you might have. This is my first blog ever so i am still figuring it out. bear with me.