Thursday, June 21, 2012

Excalibur i.e. not the sword in the stone!

So I was thinking about Merlin and King Arthur the other day and thought i should clarify some things. So King Arthur did not pull Excalibur out of a stone. The sword in the stone is totally different than the magic sword Excalibur. The sword in the stone just proved King Arthur's lineage. Excalibur King Arthur got from the Lady in the Lake who got it from Merlin who asked a dragon to forge it for him. However the dragon said he would only do it if King Arthur wielded it. has details.

My main point in this thingy is to remove confusion and state that fact that I Brett could have also pulled the sword from the stone do to brute strength and a hardcoreness! Boo Ya!

Also I found a smurf wizard that is totally lazy, and one day at Goodwill I will find my own smurf wizard outfit and then I will be the coolest man on earth. Note also that fire red, army green, or purple popcorn are other acceptable wizard outfit colors.

Hot, Hot, Hot.

I meant to post this months ago, and it was just saved as a draft and so i am posting it now!
Why do laptops get so hot. Mine sounds like that fan i use during the summer to cool me off, but yet my lap is way hot right now. Also i have no idea what to write about. But for a news update i broke off a piece of my tooth eating guacamole and then i keep sticking my tongue where my tooth should be and that has made my tongue raw. I am in a dilemma. Then I went and played vollyball with a group of the black kids on campus and found some to be amazing and some to be bad at it. Well nothing weird is coming to mind about food or girls or animals. Those are my three main subjects and so i will try again later.

Being Whipped is Good!

I am dating again finally! I never thought I would get back into it. I figured the last time I got my heart broken that I would never date seriously again. I did meet some amazing girls, but for one reason or another things didn't progress. I was getting comfortable with the idea of being single forever. I had this bitter side that would despise people who decided to get married. I would try and talk my close friends out of getting married, because I wanted a friend to be single with for the rest of my life. I once talked to my sister about us living in the same house at age 35 if we both were still single. She started and is still dating one of my friends and so that dream faded. However things have recently developed:-). I find myself completely into a girl who makes me feel like a newbie all over again. I get nervous about little things and blush all the time. I felt like I was a pro at the whole dating thing, but I have played every hand wrong and she still goes out with me. I eat my lucky charms every morning for breakfast and everyday things continue to get more awesome. I may eat lucky charms the rest of my life if it means I get to keep spending everyday in this awesome way. I lay and fray but may fall away into a bay of twitterpation and inside giggles. I couldn't understand why people dated, but now I am so happy doing it right now that i cant imagine life another way.
So now everyday consists of Dating my dream girl, working, eating, and sometimes sleeping! Life is just awesome right now. My friends and family I think avoid me, because all I talk about is her. Such is life!
Also being whipped or totally into a girl is never a bad thing unless she is a murderer or a kleptomaniac or a red head(jk).

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Lake that swallowed my Car!

So tonight we had an insane thunderstorm with tons of rain and hail. I got home from my date and me and my roommates went to look at the nearby creek which had risen feet and had flooded a large area. So me and Ryan set out to find other creeks that may be flooded also. We did find some very flooded ones that were way cool.

On the way back home from our flood hunt past 1am I thought we could drive though the Kings Soopers parking lot near our house. I had heard the puddles got big in there. So I drive in and see a very large puddle that seemed to cover most of the parking lot. I drove for the center of it flooring the gas peddle. We hit the puddle going fast, but the water also got really deep fast. My car slowed down immediately and i watched as the water rose up to meet me. My car then started to spudder and then it died. It all happened so fast. I looked over at Ryan and our faces went from panic to laughter. We both burst out laughing! The water was up to the doors, and i kept checking to see if any was leaking in. So we looked out and there we were in the middle of a lake up to our doors in water, in the deepest part. Floating on the water is big sheets of hail. So there we were stranded laughing our heads off. I am still laughing at how stupid i was. So after we got over laughing too hard we called Ryan's brother nate to come get us. We figured we would have to jump out the window and wade through the icy water that was up past our knees to get out. So we told nate to bring towels and come to our rescue.
While still laughing and waiting for nate to show up a big lifted F-350 saw us stranded and drove over to us. When he drove up to talk to us a huge wave came and rocked the car. About an inch of water flowed in on my side of the car putting my feet in a puddle. He drove up chuckling and said "I want to believe you just parked there, but i have a feeling you did something else." He was right, because i had done a very stupid thing. So at first he suggested climbing out of the car and going under the water to attach a tow strap to pull me out. Luckily before i climbed out he decided to drive up behind me and push me out with his bumper. So he drove around and done pushed me out. So 2 in the morning this guy saved me from my roommate Nate documenting my car stuck and flooded in the middle of a icy pond in the King Soopers parking lot. So now my car is at King Soopers drying out over night and hopefully i get it started in the morning and can drain the water out from inside my car.
I now can't sleep because I keep laughing to myself about the whole thing. And I wish this was the first time. Jeeps dont always have as much clearance as I think. That is my moral of today. I a few winters ago was in Rexburg, ID on a nice day going to Walmart. I got there and there was a small snow mound that i could have easily gone around, but i thought my jeep had more clearance. I floored it to make it over the snow mound. I ended up high centering myself on the only snow mound in the parking lot. It was a busy day, and people in big trucks kept driving by and taking pictures of me and my roommates trying to dig the snow out from under my car. We eventually got free. So tonight I learned 2 lessons. One my jeep is not lifted and can not drive under water. My second lesson is that puddles dont look big until you drive into them.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Andy Griffeth fullfills me!

So today i got home from school and i was browsing channels to avoid my homework. There were movies and all kind of great things on, but my eyes saw the Andy Griffeth show was on. I can't explain in words the joy that overcame me. It was like...
It was a 3 episodes and he my be the brightest Sheriff I have ever seen, and Barney is the opposite. I decided when i am rich one day i will buy all the seasons and then watch them all in one day! I also have to call in sick that day and buy lots of pop rocks and tv dinners, because i plan on that day being the best day of my life. 
The End

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The tree started it!

I haven't written this semester yet, and so I figured  It might be good to get back on the horse. I have been getting on the horse again for the last, i don't know how many, blogs which means that i am bad at writing frequently. This has turned into the time I had a journal on my mission and i started out as a daily journal and turned into a 6 month summary. So here i am in the Arpad my new place, which is a bachelor pad for those who struggle with dating. This holds true for me and my roommates. Actually it is just two of us since Dallon is in bliss with his Ms, and Robert is kinda engaged and so things are looking kinda successful for him. I am challenged, but i will make it like the little train that could. I am going to ask out a girl this semester as a goal of mine and i have someone who is going to set me up on a date. Also i have decided that i am a dating guru and that i possess all wisdom in relation to relationships. I have the perfect solution to every situation. I am pretty sure i could convince a squirrel to like an elephant.
A side note is that i am kinda addicted to candy and lemonade which is unexpected.
Also i ran into a tree on my skis. I felt like i was a good skier, but i straight shotted a stretch in the trees and then i was going to fast when i saw a tree right in front of me. I laid back so i wouldn't hit it with my whole body, and it hit me in the thigh. I got the worst dead leg of my life and my skis came off in the whip lash around the tree. I skied like 4 more runs, but i was skiing like a rookie and my pride couldn't take it, and it kinda hurt. I got home, but i was walking like I had 1 and a half legs. Dallon has owned a walker for old people for semesters. I would always ask him why he had it and carried it with him everywhere. He always answered by saying, "you never know when you might need a walker." Go figure; he was right!
p.s. if you think i look bad, you should see the tree! that is why you shouldn't start fights you cant win.