Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being Whipped is Good!

I am dating again finally! I never thought I would get back into it. I figured the last time I got my heart broken that I would never date seriously again. I did meet some amazing girls, but for one reason or another things didn't progress. I was getting comfortable with the idea of being single forever. I had this bitter side that would despise people who decided to get married. I would try and talk my close friends out of getting married, because I wanted a friend to be single with for the rest of my life. I once talked to my sister about us living in the same house at age 35 if we both were still single. She started and is still dating one of my friends and so that dream faded. However things have recently developed:-). I find myself completely into a girl who makes me feel like a newbie all over again. I get nervous about little things and blush all the time. I felt like I was a pro at the whole dating thing, but I have played every hand wrong and she still goes out with me. I eat my lucky charms every morning for breakfast and everyday things continue to get more awesome. I may eat lucky charms the rest of my life if it means I get to keep spending everyday in this awesome way. I lay and fray but may fall away into a bay of twitterpation and inside giggles. I couldn't understand why people dated, but now I am so happy doing it right now that i cant imagine life another way.
So now everyday consists of Dating my dream girl, working, eating, and sometimes sleeping! Life is just awesome right now. My friends and family I think avoid me, because all I talk about is her. Such is life!
Also being whipped or totally into a girl is never a bad thing unless she is a murderer or a kleptomaniac or a red head(jk).

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