Monday, June 28, 2010

A door opens

So I decided that I write more when the World Cup is going on, because I am actually on my computer for once. I sit here and fill out my extensive bracket and score sheet that i made, which will end up in the trash in a week, so it is actually funny I am putting so much into it. It is pretty with all the boxes, lines, and penmanship. Brazil won again today by the way. They beat Chili 3 to 0. They are now on to the quarterfinals, where they will face the Netherlands. I find it weird that I have to say the Netherlands and not just Netherlands. It is just a country that sounds weird alone. There is the Spain and Spain. In this case it sounds weird with the. This is officially why English drives me crazy and why I a drive myself crazy while speaking English.
 Next I forgot to announce to my following, which sounds like I am running a cult centered on my life. They should use a different word, like stalkers or leeches or friendly readers or listeners. So many better options. Anyways at work a while ago there was this gigantic black guy that came into work. He was 6'11" and I know this because i asked him. I would be too embarrassed to measure him up. Then while i was hooking up his trailer, I asked him if he played any basketball. He said he played a little. What a great answer. So i prodded on theoretically. I asked if he played any collage ball. He then said, well i actually kinda play pro. Then I lit up, my face that is, because i don't smoke. I asked him what his name was. Ervin Johnson he responded, and bam i had met a celebrity, and made a fool of myself to them. I should have guess he played pro by his hair do and height. He was very interesting though, because he over worried about everything, Kinda funny. I wanted to give him a chill pill, but then he might kill me so i resisted.
Another thing i did was go to Film on the Rock, at Red Rocks. I had to go straight from work and change while driving. Thank goodness for cruise control. I can change so good while driving now. The pants is definitely the hardest part. I wonder If Spiderman could change in his car like me. I am always afraid that I will have my pants off and be putting on my others and a bus will pass me and they will all look down and see me. I've lucked out so far however. At Film on the Rocks we watched speed, and there were good bands, and the movie was good, except that Neo was in it. Not the best actor and ever since matrix, everything he does seems so weak and plain. He doesn't dodge bullets or jump through walls. He even gets beat up by sissies, and he no longer knows kung fu. It is like he stinks now. Also I ate hemp ice cream there, and it has no hemp in it. Trust me i looked for it. And i made paper airplanes that were shaped like daggers. I then would dagger people in the back of the head several rows down. Mean but felt good. Oh and the hemp girl had a soda pop top bracelet like me. We are instant friends. She is way cool and kind of cute in a hippie way.
Signing off. Brett Beutler

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One really memorable day

So today was very eventful, even though i planned on it not being. I started the morning off tired since i stayed up  super late, playing poker. It was my first time playing, and I beat the competition. Anyways, my dad woke us all up at 8 because of his new no sleeping in house rule. So we all slept with our eyes open as we read scriptures. Then my dad decided to stay home from work, and not working concreted the Idea to go on a walk along the river with my mom. It was touching. You might have cried. Then after we walked forever we got home, and I decided i needed to buy my film on the rocks tickets for that night, and visit elisa and nate and, buy hemp at Hobby Lobby where they are both working. I drove the 30 min and when I was about 2 minutes away Liz called from work asking me where I was. I told her and she asked me if I knew i worked today. I quickly and cheerfully added that today was my day off. She then said, "nope, actually you were scheduled to work at 12. Crap and other mormon "dang it" words came to mind. I asked her if she was pulling my leg and she wasn't. I am screwed played on repeat in my head. So i pulled a U in the street and headed home. I drove fast and managed to only be 2 1/2 hours late. I got crap for that one.
So the day was beginning to get exciting, but this was only the beginning. I got to work, and a cool lame bird with issues was flying around our bay. So i chased after it until I caught it. I stroked it's head a little, showed it off a little, then set it free by a tree near my knee. I could rap. Next i got in good with this blinged out black guy who complimented me on my bracelet made of garbage. He then looked at his jewel encrusted watch, then at his car. He then asked me to watch over his pimp mobile, while he was driving the Uhaul truck. I was a great security guard, and he promised me a surprise if i kept it safe. Well the surprise was the fact that he was never going to show up, and so the surprise was that there wasn't one. And i was surprised i can say, but in a very depressing manner. And I am falling asleep so i will finish this tomorrow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soccer News and other stuff

So i haven't been on in a few days, but the World Cup is still going on, and The USA has a good chance of advancing, with their last game. They got robbed of a goal, and so they ended with a tie, then Brazil one today 3 to 1 against the Ivory Coast. And Kaka Brazil's number 10 got ejected with a red card for behavioral issues. So Brazil will play the notorious Portugal with Christiano Ronaldo, and without one of their leading players.
As for other things going on, is i found a nice rope and these cool flashing glasses at uhaul, which was awesome. Also i have been hanging out with my friends, eating shiscabobs(i think i just butchered this word) and calzones(butchered this one too). Also I miss my sister Katie a lot. We connected so well, and I wish she would come back from the DR. I feel kinda lonely sometimes, because there is no one who really cares. I go unnoticed, and slide under the radar, and it makes me feel bad for so many thousands of others, who feel the same. It hurts, and you just want to be loved. I am just glad I have a Heavenly Father, who I know is still watching over me, and helping me get through my hardest summer, and one of the hardest times of my life. I can't wait to go back up to school where i have more of a purpose, and where i can't let anyone down. I feel that is all I ever do, is fall short in every way of what people expect out of me, and it has been a long time since anyone has been proud of me.
I usually try to be cheery and funny, which sometimes happens, but i guess i am a little down tonight. I am blessed though and i really shouldn't be down, because I have a living and loving Savior. He laid down is life for me, and took back life again to stand by my side and help me finish my fight. Tomorrow is Monday, a new day and It will hold a fresh start, and the opportunity to become a better man. I want to be kinder to everyone, and never say a mean thing about anyone. I want to learn to compliment people more, and I want to love to serve more. And hopefully I can keep myself more humble too, since i have been struggling with that.
One more side note. With Nate Weatherford, I have been making fun of him for being metro or girly, and he has been doing the same for me. And he made fun of me for meditating, but it has really been awesome. I downloaded some relaxation tapes, and relaxing music. I sleep so well now, and my headaches go away, and i find myself more patient and calm after i do them. Meditation makes me a better person. And I don't cross my legs and sit in Buddha stance just in case you were wondering. I actually fall asleep a lot while doing it. you know, taking relaxation to the max. The REM level:-). I am a nerd dang it. Oh and since it is father's day i should mention that my dad is wonderful. He isn't perfect, but he tries. He is a honest man, and a hard worker. He defines what a priesthood holder should be like, and he always maximizes his callings. He loves my mom and us. He is active, and I am fortunate to have him for a dad and friend. Till next time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brazil Wins

Acho que o jogo foi super bom, e gostei muito o jogo. Tambem acho que a selecao poderia ter jogado melhor. Eles quase nao atacou o goal no premeiro meitade do jogo, mas ganharam no final. So Brazil won Korea 2 to 1.  I must say that i expected more out of them, but I am none the less just happy they got the big W. I watched the game with Peter, my sister Haley's boyfriend. He had quite the hook up. Not only did he hook me up with the game to watch he supplied this beautiful phenomenon that did the macarena, or however you spell that, in my mouth. At first i wasn't expecting it, because i had my eyes glued to the telly in pure intense soccer spirit. I just grabbed a handful and threw one in my mouth, then "bam" that great taste. The are pretzel bytes with a twist, because they are filled with peanut butter and no they don't actually have a twisty shape. But it is a great taste, and so after my revelation, i quickly scarfed down a bunch of handfuls. Then my second revelation came. My mouth was then screaming for water. This great combination has a wicked after affect of sucking all the moisture out of your mouth. Can you think of anything that would dry you mouth out more then those two things, and just imagine them together. I was like soaking them in water after that, and i am sure that is the last time i get invited over now, because i ate all his tasty treats, his famine bytes. I think that would be a good slogan. Here have a tasty byte, there is a famine in every lick, and your mouth won't water long for this treat.
So I didn't expect to talk so much about famine bytes. Kind of a big tangent i know. But ya Brazil won. cool huh.
So also today was my day off, which was very convenient. However i still worked with my red headed friend (i.e. my brother). I don't know how to put i.e.s in my sentences. I should probably look that up. Anyways we mowed this guy's lawn that is an albino guy, without the gene. In other words he is a glowing white color, but he is really just afraid of the sun i think. Hope he never bytes my neck. He is a nice guy though, and he gives us good mullah for cutting things for him like grass, and weeds and things. But today after the game, we went to his house to attack a bush that took a few too many steroids. I half expected to discover a car inside the bush. It is really that big, and it is reaching out in every direction to touch something. It is almost suffocating the house. Note to self, less adjectives. Ok so i slowly cut my way into the bush, several feet, and then i moved out to the sides. I felt like Ammon from the Book of Mormon, cutting off a bunch of arms. So i wish i had a picture, because the whole bottom 4 feet is all brown, because we cut off all the green, and the top is still green and crazy. So it looks terrible, and Edward Scissor-hands would probably have way more then just a few words for me. Maybe even a paragraph. But it is sad, and I am sure he would mad at me for my lack of talent, but no worries, because tomorrow i am going back for more.
Ok i promise this post will end, but i have 2 more stories to tell. One is that I found out that the bus bush attacks my allergies, and I wound out my allergies with no zyrtec of claritin shield, don't stand a chance. I sniffle every second. I could be a clock, with how frequent and often i sniffle.
Then my second story is about yesterday. I will get to the point. I was driving, and "BAM" i almost got hit by a car. It ran a red light and came just inches from hitting my front bumper as i was turning with the left turn signal. It was so cool. Good thing my foot got over the led foot disease, because it could have cost me there. I am glad someone above is watching over me. And that person had serious problems, because they were swerving all over after the red light run. Some people need to drink smart water for breakfast, which actually exists by the way. Imagine if you drank that with Smarties. You might become ace the IQ test then. Just an idea.
Oh and this is Brett signing off literally, till the next bored moment when I shall return.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday's best

So today was sunday, and it was sweet like peeps. I slept in till 11:00 which was great, besides getting woken up early with my mom yelling at Dallin to wake up. Oh and i was sleeping in the basement on the couch, because i lost my bed to our aunt and uncle who gave us an hours notice to their coming. Dang, i just remembered last night so i have to explain. So i went upstairs to clean my room for them and change my bed sheets. What happened was i put on my cool hip tunes, and my sisters couldn't resist the call. It wasn't more than a min, before  i had to postpone my cleaning for a half hour at least. Both my sisters came dancing into my room, with no warning, and we ended up having a dance party in the small space around my bed. It was funny, and I am sure the neighbors loved the show through my wide open window. We really didn't hold back, except when the lyrics wanted us too.
OK back to Sunday. Church was good, as Brother Blatter gave a spur of the moment talk with the Bishop, when the found out that there had been no people called to talk. They were awesome talks though. Bishop even cried when he told of his conversion, and about the black and red bois in the bay, and the familiar sound of the bay, that brought him safely home.
Oh and another blessing came after church when my good friend Ryan told me about the donuts and milk hidden in the kitchen. What better way to top off church then that. To leave church spiritually and physically fed. Now i am home, and excited for tonights fun with my friends and family. I am so lucky to have such loyal, kind, loving friends that i can always count on. My family Is amazing too. When someone has awesome, loving friends and family, what more can he ask for? Besides a seat on the right hand of God of course. I am content with being blessed with friendly giants all around me.

Life with a cup of indoor soccer

So yesterday was Saturday and the USA tied with a bit of luck against England in the world cup. So that was awesome, and i am sure it was a funny site to see me with my eyes glued to my laptop yelling randomly as a goal was missed here and there. It was intense, and I found out also that we don't get many channels on our new TV. We got like 5 Christian minister channels, which even half of those were Spanish. We did get one normal channel though, but it was showing this cheesy movie about Hawaii school kids going to Australia for a solar panel car race. There were only like 2 cars in the race though, and they drove off the rode like 15 times during the movie. Lawnmowers would have made it a little more exciting i think. Anyways the movie ends with the cars Axel breaking off and it sliding a few inches over the finish line for the win. The most intense part of the movie was when everyone said this one kid was too fat to drive it, because it couldn't carry that much weight. However with his friends cheering him on, he made it over the hill even with his weight. It inspired me to tears. I now know that if i ever am overweight and trying to make it over the will in a solar car, that I can make it. It was like the big train that could.
What was exciting though, was that night. My mom challenged me to soccer in the house, which was a first. We stared playing and i scored on her a bunch so she called for backup. Haley and Katie rushed in with their boney feet and elbows to up the competition. It got really rough, and I think we knocked down quite a few of the pictures off the wall. My mom encouraged us to play on regardless, which you won't find too many mothers that are cool enough to encourage let alone join in, in the rough housing in the house. I think today we all have sore toes, and bruised shins and arms. I thought i broke my toes at one point. It was super fun though.
Now later, as we do every night almost like Pinky and the Brain, Katie my sister asks me, "so what are we going to do tonight." Then in my rather monotone, but sinister voice i respond, "the same thing we do every night, go over to the Weatherfords house and figure that out." So we went over there and we decided to have a dinner. So we made the most amazing tacos together. We had your choice of celestial chicken, heavenly shrimp, or terrestrial battered fish sticks. With my fried tortillas, I felt like i was in a heavenly fried comma, but my insides decided later that it wasn't that good later, but it was good while it lasted. Then Ryan had angel food cake for desert, which fit in perfect with the spiritual and heaven theme. It even had strawberries on top. I love food, and girls. Just a side note. Oh and I love my family, too:-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Expanding my horizons

So i figure i need to write more, since i am working at U-haul and find all kinds of treasures. Some of the things i have found are dora the explorer dominoes, which were entertaining for like 15 min, which is something since I only found like 5. Also i found some unopened chocolate milk, which ended up being like 3 months expired, by the time i found it. Felt a little iffy that night. I found like 3 bottles of 7 up two days ago, which was awesome and tasty. I also find kids toys that are amusing. Then one day we found a rope, and played jump rope, but my metal boots kept me from showing off my skills.
Now i have a random cool fact. So one day the guys at work were arm wrestling and I am the strongest. I won, but I only arm wrestled one person, but he beat the rest. So my conclusion is that i am the strongest even though it hasn't been officially proven yet.
Ok now i am catching up. So at work I was walking around the building, and i had just helped a black lady at work with her storage unit, and she was so nice. It was then that my horizons broadened. I have decided that I could marry a black girl. They are so awesome, and they can have so many attractive traits, so if i marry a girl like this, don't be surprised.
Last thing is last night my brother was having a family party, because he got his brace face off. So we decided to hit a pikachu pinhata, which is an alliteration i think, full of candy. The best way to celebrate new teeth, by splurging on candy. So we decided that the stick thing is lame, since our family usually cheats and would skewer it or something. So we decided to all punch it instead, and left handed non the less. Crazzy i know. So we went from youngest to oldest. It was like a handicap mexican birthday party. We all looked funny as we tried to use our awkeward strength to give pikachu the beat down. It was sad as some of us missed, while others hurt their pride. I hit it my second time and it's bum opened up. It then discharged candy through the rear section with every remaining hit, until we pooped it out. Well done my special family, we succeeded.