Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One really memorable day

So today was very eventful, even though i planned on it not being. I started the morning off tired since i stayed up  super late, playing poker. It was my first time playing, and I beat the competition. Anyways, my dad woke us all up at 8 because of his new no sleeping in house rule. So we all slept with our eyes open as we read scriptures. Then my dad decided to stay home from work, and not working concreted the Idea to go on a walk along the river with my mom. It was touching. You might have cried. Then after we walked forever we got home, and I decided i needed to buy my film on the rocks tickets for that night, and visit elisa and nate and, buy hemp at Hobby Lobby where they are both working. I drove the 30 min and when I was about 2 minutes away Liz called from work asking me where I was. I told her and she asked me if I knew i worked today. I quickly and cheerfully added that today was my day off. She then said, "nope, actually you were scheduled to work at 12. Crap and other mormon "dang it" words came to mind. I asked her if she was pulling my leg and she wasn't. I am screwed played on repeat in my head. So i pulled a U in the street and headed home. I drove fast and managed to only be 2 1/2 hours late. I got crap for that one.
So the day was beginning to get exciting, but this was only the beginning. I got to work, and a cool lame bird with issues was flying around our bay. So i chased after it until I caught it. I stroked it's head a little, showed it off a little, then set it free by a tree near my knee. I could rap. Next i got in good with this blinged out black guy who complimented me on my bracelet made of garbage. He then looked at his jewel encrusted watch, then at his car. He then asked me to watch over his pimp mobile, while he was driving the Uhaul truck. I was a great security guard, and he promised me a surprise if i kept it safe. Well the surprise was the fact that he was never going to show up, and so the surprise was that there wasn't one. And i was surprised i can say, but in a very depressing manner. And I am falling asleep so i will finish this tomorrow.

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