Thursday, June 10, 2010

Expanding my horizons

So i figure i need to write more, since i am working at U-haul and find all kinds of treasures. Some of the things i have found are dora the explorer dominoes, which were entertaining for like 15 min, which is something since I only found like 5. Also i found some unopened chocolate milk, which ended up being like 3 months expired, by the time i found it. Felt a little iffy that night. I found like 3 bottles of 7 up two days ago, which was awesome and tasty. I also find kids toys that are amusing. Then one day we found a rope, and played jump rope, but my metal boots kept me from showing off my skills.
Now i have a random cool fact. So one day the guys at work were arm wrestling and I am the strongest. I won, but I only arm wrestled one person, but he beat the rest. So my conclusion is that i am the strongest even though it hasn't been officially proven yet.
Ok now i am catching up. So at work I was walking around the building, and i had just helped a black lady at work with her storage unit, and she was so nice. It was then that my horizons broadened. I have decided that I could marry a black girl. They are so awesome, and they can have so many attractive traits, so if i marry a girl like this, don't be surprised.
Last thing is last night my brother was having a family party, because he got his brace face off. So we decided to hit a pikachu pinhata, which is an alliteration i think, full of candy. The best way to celebrate new teeth, by splurging on candy. So we decided that the stick thing is lame, since our family usually cheats and would skewer it or something. So we decided to all punch it instead, and left handed non the less. Crazzy i know. So we went from youngest to oldest. It was like a handicap mexican birthday party. We all looked funny as we tried to use our awkeward strength to give pikachu the beat down. It was sad as some of us missed, while others hurt their pride. I hit it my second time and it's bum opened up. It then discharged candy through the rear section with every remaining hit, until we pooped it out. Well done my special family, we succeeded.

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