Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life with a cup of indoor soccer

So yesterday was Saturday and the USA tied with a bit of luck against England in the world cup. So that was awesome, and i am sure it was a funny site to see me with my eyes glued to my laptop yelling randomly as a goal was missed here and there. It was intense, and I found out also that we don't get many channels on our new TV. We got like 5 Christian minister channels, which even half of those were Spanish. We did get one normal channel though, but it was showing this cheesy movie about Hawaii school kids going to Australia for a solar panel car race. There were only like 2 cars in the race though, and they drove off the rode like 15 times during the movie. Lawnmowers would have made it a little more exciting i think. Anyways the movie ends with the cars Axel breaking off and it sliding a few inches over the finish line for the win. The most intense part of the movie was when everyone said this one kid was too fat to drive it, because it couldn't carry that much weight. However with his friends cheering him on, he made it over the hill even with his weight. It inspired me to tears. I now know that if i ever am overweight and trying to make it over the will in a solar car, that I can make it. It was like the big train that could.
What was exciting though, was that night. My mom challenged me to soccer in the house, which was a first. We stared playing and i scored on her a bunch so she called for backup. Haley and Katie rushed in with their boney feet and elbows to up the competition. It got really rough, and I think we knocked down quite a few of the pictures off the wall. My mom encouraged us to play on regardless, which you won't find too many mothers that are cool enough to encourage let alone join in, in the rough housing in the house. I think today we all have sore toes, and bruised shins and arms. I thought i broke my toes at one point. It was super fun though.
Now later, as we do every night almost like Pinky and the Brain, Katie my sister asks me, "so what are we going to do tonight." Then in my rather monotone, but sinister voice i respond, "the same thing we do every night, go over to the Weatherfords house and figure that out." So we went over there and we decided to have a dinner. So we made the most amazing tacos together. We had your choice of celestial chicken, heavenly shrimp, or terrestrial battered fish sticks. With my fried tortillas, I felt like i was in a heavenly fried comma, but my insides decided later that it wasn't that good later, but it was good while it lasted. Then Ryan had angel food cake for desert, which fit in perfect with the spiritual and heaven theme. It even had strawberries on top. I love food, and girls. Just a side note. Oh and I love my family, too:-)

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