Monday, June 28, 2010

A door opens

So I decided that I write more when the World Cup is going on, because I am actually on my computer for once. I sit here and fill out my extensive bracket and score sheet that i made, which will end up in the trash in a week, so it is actually funny I am putting so much into it. It is pretty with all the boxes, lines, and penmanship. Brazil won again today by the way. They beat Chili 3 to 0. They are now on to the quarterfinals, where they will face the Netherlands. I find it weird that I have to say the Netherlands and not just Netherlands. It is just a country that sounds weird alone. There is the Spain and Spain. In this case it sounds weird with the. This is officially why English drives me crazy and why I a drive myself crazy while speaking English.
 Next I forgot to announce to my following, which sounds like I am running a cult centered on my life. They should use a different word, like stalkers or leeches or friendly readers or listeners. So many better options. Anyways at work a while ago there was this gigantic black guy that came into work. He was 6'11" and I know this because i asked him. I would be too embarrassed to measure him up. Then while i was hooking up his trailer, I asked him if he played any basketball. He said he played a little. What a great answer. So i prodded on theoretically. I asked if he played any collage ball. He then said, well i actually kinda play pro. Then I lit up, my face that is, because i don't smoke. I asked him what his name was. Ervin Johnson he responded, and bam i had met a celebrity, and made a fool of myself to them. I should have guess he played pro by his hair do and height. He was very interesting though, because he over worried about everything, Kinda funny. I wanted to give him a chill pill, but then he might kill me so i resisted.
Another thing i did was go to Film on the Rock, at Red Rocks. I had to go straight from work and change while driving. Thank goodness for cruise control. I can change so good while driving now. The pants is definitely the hardest part. I wonder If Spiderman could change in his car like me. I am always afraid that I will have my pants off and be putting on my others and a bus will pass me and they will all look down and see me. I've lucked out so far however. At Film on the Rocks we watched speed, and there were good bands, and the movie was good, except that Neo was in it. Not the best actor and ever since matrix, everything he does seems so weak and plain. He doesn't dodge bullets or jump through walls. He even gets beat up by sissies, and he no longer knows kung fu. It is like he stinks now. Also I ate hemp ice cream there, and it has no hemp in it. Trust me i looked for it. And i made paper airplanes that were shaped like daggers. I then would dagger people in the back of the head several rows down. Mean but felt good. Oh and the hemp girl had a soda pop top bracelet like me. We are instant friends. She is way cool and kind of cute in a hippie way.
Signing off. Brett Beutler

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