Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brazil Wins

Acho que o jogo foi super bom, e gostei muito o jogo. Tambem acho que a selecao poderia ter jogado melhor. Eles quase nao atacou o goal no premeiro meitade do jogo, mas ganharam no final. So Brazil won Korea 2 to 1.  I must say that i expected more out of them, but I am none the less just happy they got the big W. I watched the game with Peter, my sister Haley's boyfriend. He had quite the hook up. Not only did he hook me up with the game to watch he supplied this beautiful phenomenon that did the macarena, or however you spell that, in my mouth. At first i wasn't expecting it, because i had my eyes glued to the telly in pure intense soccer spirit. I just grabbed a handful and threw one in my mouth, then "bam" that great taste. The are pretzel bytes with a twist, because they are filled with peanut butter and no they don't actually have a twisty shape. But it is a great taste, and so after my revelation, i quickly scarfed down a bunch of handfuls. Then my second revelation came. My mouth was then screaming for water. This great combination has a wicked after affect of sucking all the moisture out of your mouth. Can you think of anything that would dry you mouth out more then those two things, and just imagine them together. I was like soaking them in water after that, and i am sure that is the last time i get invited over now, because i ate all his tasty treats, his famine bytes. I think that would be a good slogan. Here have a tasty byte, there is a famine in every lick, and your mouth won't water long for this treat.
So I didn't expect to talk so much about famine bytes. Kind of a big tangent i know. But ya Brazil won. cool huh.
So also today was my day off, which was very convenient. However i still worked with my red headed friend (i.e. my brother). I don't know how to put i.e.s in my sentences. I should probably look that up. Anyways we mowed this guy's lawn that is an albino guy, without the gene. In other words he is a glowing white color, but he is really just afraid of the sun i think. Hope he never bytes my neck. He is a nice guy though, and he gives us good mullah for cutting things for him like grass, and weeds and things. But today after the game, we went to his house to attack a bush that took a few too many steroids. I half expected to discover a car inside the bush. It is really that big, and it is reaching out in every direction to touch something. It is almost suffocating the house. Note to self, less adjectives. Ok so i slowly cut my way into the bush, several feet, and then i moved out to the sides. I felt like Ammon from the Book of Mormon, cutting off a bunch of arms. So i wish i had a picture, because the whole bottom 4 feet is all brown, because we cut off all the green, and the top is still green and crazy. So it looks terrible, and Edward Scissor-hands would probably have way more then just a few words for me. Maybe even a paragraph. But it is sad, and I am sure he would mad at me for my lack of talent, but no worries, because tomorrow i am going back for more.
Ok i promise this post will end, but i have 2 more stories to tell. One is that I found out that the bus bush attacks my allergies, and I wound out my allergies with no zyrtec of claritin shield, don't stand a chance. I sniffle every second. I could be a clock, with how frequent and often i sniffle.
Then my second story is about yesterday. I will get to the point. I was driving, and "BAM" i almost got hit by a car. It ran a red light and came just inches from hitting my front bumper as i was turning with the left turn signal. It was so cool. Good thing my foot got over the led foot disease, because it could have cost me there. I am glad someone above is watching over me. And that person had serious problems, because they were swerving all over after the red light run. Some people need to drink smart water for breakfast, which actually exists by the way. Imagine if you drank that with Smarties. You might become ace the IQ test then. Just an idea.
Oh and this is Brett signing off literally, till the next bored moment when I shall return.

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