Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soccer News and other stuff

So i haven't been on in a few days, but the World Cup is still going on, and The USA has a good chance of advancing, with their last game. They got robbed of a goal, and so they ended with a tie, then Brazil one today 3 to 1 against the Ivory Coast. And Kaka Brazil's number 10 got ejected with a red card for behavioral issues. So Brazil will play the notorious Portugal with Christiano Ronaldo, and without one of their leading players.
As for other things going on, is i found a nice rope and these cool flashing glasses at uhaul, which was awesome. Also i have been hanging out with my friends, eating shiscabobs(i think i just butchered this word) and calzones(butchered this one too). Also I miss my sister Katie a lot. We connected so well, and I wish she would come back from the DR. I feel kinda lonely sometimes, because there is no one who really cares. I go unnoticed, and slide under the radar, and it makes me feel bad for so many thousands of others, who feel the same. It hurts, and you just want to be loved. I am just glad I have a Heavenly Father, who I know is still watching over me, and helping me get through my hardest summer, and one of the hardest times of my life. I can't wait to go back up to school where i have more of a purpose, and where i can't let anyone down. I feel that is all I ever do, is fall short in every way of what people expect out of me, and it has been a long time since anyone has been proud of me.
I usually try to be cheery and funny, which sometimes happens, but i guess i am a little down tonight. I am blessed though and i really shouldn't be down, because I have a living and loving Savior. He laid down is life for me, and took back life again to stand by my side and help me finish my fight. Tomorrow is Monday, a new day and It will hold a fresh start, and the opportunity to become a better man. I want to be kinder to everyone, and never say a mean thing about anyone. I want to learn to compliment people more, and I want to love to serve more. And hopefully I can keep myself more humble too, since i have been struggling with that.
One more side note. With Nate Weatherford, I have been making fun of him for being metro or girly, and he has been doing the same for me. And he made fun of me for meditating, but it has really been awesome. I downloaded some relaxation tapes, and relaxing music. I sleep so well now, and my headaches go away, and i find myself more patient and calm after i do them. Meditation makes me a better person. And I don't cross my legs and sit in Buddha stance just in case you were wondering. I actually fall asleep a lot while doing it. you know, taking relaxation to the max. The REM level:-). I am a nerd dang it. Oh and since it is father's day i should mention that my dad is wonderful. He isn't perfect, but he tries. He is a honest man, and a hard worker. He defines what a priesthood holder should be like, and he always maximizes his callings. He loves my mom and us. He is active, and I am fortunate to have him for a dad and friend. Till next time.

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