Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday's best

So today was sunday, and it was sweet like peeps. I slept in till 11:00 which was great, besides getting woken up early with my mom yelling at Dallin to wake up. Oh and i was sleeping in the basement on the couch, because i lost my bed to our aunt and uncle who gave us an hours notice to their coming. Dang, i just remembered last night so i have to explain. So i went upstairs to clean my room for them and change my bed sheets. What happened was i put on my cool hip tunes, and my sisters couldn't resist the call. It wasn't more than a min, before  i had to postpone my cleaning for a half hour at least. Both my sisters came dancing into my room, with no warning, and we ended up having a dance party in the small space around my bed. It was funny, and I am sure the neighbors loved the show through my wide open window. We really didn't hold back, except when the lyrics wanted us too.
OK back to Sunday. Church was good, as Brother Blatter gave a spur of the moment talk with the Bishop, when the found out that there had been no people called to talk. They were awesome talks though. Bishop even cried when he told of his conversion, and about the black and red bois in the bay, and the familiar sound of the bay, that brought him safely home.
Oh and another blessing came after church when my good friend Ryan told me about the donuts and milk hidden in the kitchen. What better way to top off church then that. To leave church spiritually and physically fed. Now i am home, and excited for tonights fun with my friends and family. I am so lucky to have such loyal, kind, loving friends that i can always count on. My family Is amazing too. When someone has awesome, loving friends and family, what more can he ask for? Besides a seat on the right hand of God of course. I am content with being blessed with friendly giants all around me.

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