Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am easily amused!!!

I want to write a quick blog post so my humble and dedicated followers will not lose hope. I have no clue what to write about. So waiting for inspiration.... BAM!!!
I am cool. What is interesting about this is that weird and strange people can be normal. Because instead of being rejected by society they accept me. I for example love pop rocks and bubble rap. It is weird, but since other people share the same passions it is cool. Just popping sounds are cool. Fireworks is another popping thing that the world loves, but it is weird that we enjoy the sound so much.
Also throwing things off cliffs and big ledges. I get to the top of a cliff or something and I immediately get the erg to throw something off. I can't even say how many times i have thrown rocks off cliffs. And the higher the better. At the Grand Canyon I loved throwing rocks off and i didn't even think of the people i could possibly hit hiking in the bottom. So i wont go hiking there. We used to go to a dam when i was younger and we would spit off and watch our spit fall and that was fun. And i even almost got kicked out of a Rockie's game for throwing stuff like trash over the railing. So why do simple things entertain us the most. I love bouncy balls still and i never get bored with them.
On the flip side with complicated things like those learned in school, i often get bored. We might be studying valence electrons and i will fall asleep in minutes, but as soon as he sticks a balloon in liquid nitrogen I am awake and excited to see a balloon deflate.
and How am i so easily amused and weird and still society accepts me?
So i am cool but along with all other easily amused people, but i think that is what makes life fun and worth living. So I am going to blow off all the dandy lion tops in my lawn and maybe eat some flowers and throw some rocks and call my day complete and happy.
Love you my minions!!! live long and prosper and "peace out".

Crap I have a story i want to tell quick. I was camping and we found a sandy will with lots of big boulders on it and a creek in the bottom. So we decided it would be "fun" to roll rocks down into the river to dam it up. Which damming up rivers and gutters in front of your house is fun. I envy beavers and i would be happy to be one if reincarnation was real. But chewing on wood all day would be lame and so would having huge teeth. But anyways was on the downhill side of a boulder and pulling on it which was not smart and i rolled it over my hand and crushed it, leaving my hand a bloody mess. I still have a small scar from it. So when easily amusing yourselves with dumb things be smart about it. Ironically funny but realistically true.
And i just discovered that they sell dandelion seeds on-line. What?

Friday, June 17, 2011

To Woo and be Swave

So i am blogging. Which is just a shortened way of saying,"being wordy about different things online". But I have been busy and have neglected magical moments. Like when my brother power-washed me and how my belly button was clean as a whistle (STOP: clean as a whistle is a dumb phrase, because they are not clean. They get spit in and lipstick on them). So it was actually cleaner then a whistle unless it was just purchased and hadn't been tested out in the store by some unsupervised child.
I also am working at Uhaul and i am finding cool things again. We found one of the Harry Potter picture frames, which is one of those digital picture frames where the pictures change. I plan on finding lots of cool things. Last summer i found a stop sign and that is ranked up there on coolest finds.
Then today i went to water world and did some sliding and stuff. It was epic and they were selling dippin dots. They are good, but we agreed that their slogan is now outdated. They are no longer the icecream of the future. Maybe their prices are inflated to a very future date, but they are now old and obviously the icecream companies like Dryers feel that normal icecream is still the future icecream. Little flavored hail balls shouldn't be considered the future anyways. I want more for less in the future and not less for more.
A knight with an axe and face paint
Wow i am already tired of typing and there is a pretty girl that I need to take on a date tonight. I have my woooer ready to wooo her. The sound unfortunately doesn't get the job done, but not making a woo sound is still considered as wooing. I also am bringing a broom to sweep her off her feet and she is light and so carrying her is not a problem. I will be her knight in armor. It may not be shiny because i usually shop at goodwill and new armor would be pricey.
Here is my game plan. First eat Wheaties, because it makes you good at things. Next call her and tell her that her wildest dreams will come true if she goes out with you. They get her some weird thing like chalk and then tell her that is her wildest dream coming true since that would be a wild dream to get chalk from a guy. Then i will take her to a mildly romantic setting where she isn't creeped out but senses swaveness in me. Then make sure to go to the bathroom when a creepy guy is near so I can return and rescue. Also I will find ways to point at things, because this is a chance to show off my muscles of iron. Put on my swagger deodorant, because it smells good and is supposed to have the same affects as Wheaties but on a flirting level. Then I will drop her off before her curfew so she can be happy. Then i will get my beauty sleep to rinse and repeat.
This is my copywrited plan of action. Can't say it has ever worked, but there is a first time for everything, just like there is for playing with fireworks and not vandalizing something on accident.
I miss you all. Sincerely, yours truly,
Your HIGHness

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fire! A friend and foe for life!

So this weekend was interesting. I was super excited for it, but some curve balls were thrown and i swung to hit them even though they would have been balls, and connected with some, but I also got strikes. That is a wordy way of saying some good and bad things happened.
So we had on Friday night I went to high-school grad parties and crashed them with my brother. The treats and junk food was great and I even won all the boys at croquet.That game with the mallets and you hit the ball on the grass under these rings. When anyone won we played where they became a destroyer ball and they could play to frustrate and slam away other peoples balls.
I went to a stake cook-off done by the men in the church. I was cooking my first stake and accidentally dumped a bunch of cyan-pepper all over it. It turned out to be a very hot and mouth burning stake. It put my stake somewhere near last place. I made 3 more stakes after that and i improved with each. I ate 4 in all.
Then these two brothers decided to have a taco night after that of which I felt inclined to join. I ate more meat there and ate a taco out of a cup. Cups are the new bowls if you haven't heard.
Then there was this dance party. It was pretty off the hook, but after that much junk food and meat it started to act funny. After dancing like a crazy robot caveman for a good amount of time and dancing with all my gusto, the meat went on strike in my tummy. I kept sitting down to rest, but then people would talk me into dancing again. It got bad though and I had to hide in the theater room and lay down. I went home after that and I was on the edge of emptying my stomach onto the carpet in my room.
I woke up for church the next morning to find someone had jacked my gps and they stole a cable from my brothers car. Both of us were robbed in the hood which we live. Dang gangsters who steel from homies like that.
After a beautiful time at church i went to my good homies house for burgers. The end.
JK it isn't. So memorial day starts off tiring after a late night on the west side. I go to this breakfast thing and throw a little disc here and there, but excitement was about to strike.
The burning bush (get it?) :-)
I got home and took a nap and woke up in a mood to clean my room. It was then I looked out the window for no reason and was surprised to find the sprinklers on. Idk why, because we have them on a timer and so it  is anything but surprising in reality. I looked closer and saw a cloud of something white coming from our front bush. I thought at first a pipe had broken to the sprinklers. I ran downstairs and as i opened the front door a blanket of smoke hit me in the face. I looked and realized our bush was on fire. So a panic set in and i ran around the bush to get the hose. I wiped out hard in the wet grass, but was able to get up fast and put out the fire with the hose. I soaked that bush for like 20 min so that nothing could start up again. It was that moment that i realized i had a fireman inside me.

Turns out my neighbors friends were trying to hit the kids car with a roman candle and missed firing it into our bush. They were inside when i was out there getting buckets for water. The dad made them all kneel at my feet and apologize. They didn't kiss my feet, but i forgave them, because of two other occasions.
First in a firework mishap in Wyoming, where i was lit on fire by an illegal that flipped on its side and shot the rockets at me. I was sitting on the ground with my back to the car when it flipped towards us. I couldn't get out of the way. I remember seeing this glowing green thing in front of me. The words "oh suck" came to mind before it exploded. Someone cool put my arm out, but i still have a scar from it.
The second was a valentines day where my parents left on a date. We were given a meal to eat that was all red. We had candles and after we ate I started playing with them. I was burning paper doilies. Then i dropped one on our new table cloth which turned out to be very flammable. Our table cloth went up in flames and started to lick the ceiling. My sister was quick with her skills and put it out with water from the sink. It was fun explaining that one to my parents. We don't use candles much now. And i have had a bad reputation with fire since, but the recent bush event will help to erase my doily deed.
Sorry that was so long. I haven't been able to write in a while. My next blog will be back to the random thoughts.
peace out to all and to all a great day?