Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In the ER it is always Hammer time!!!

We had a baby boy and everything was hunky dory for the first few days, but then Megan started to develop a bad pain in her back. The pain just kept getting worse and worse and then she started to get really nauseous. She took her Motrin and Tylenol to no avail. 
We called the nurse on the emergency line and she went through the symptoms with us. We first thought it was constipation and so a friend kindly bought us some and Megan drank a bunch warm which was awful. If you have never tried prune juice then imagine grape juice mixed with sour milk. I didn't try it myself because I didn't want any Hersheys syrup myself, but that is how I imagine it tasting after seeing Megan's face. She drank a whole cup of it like a champ. A little while later we found out that constipation wasn't the problem and so now we have a bottle of prune juice in our fridge that we wont drink. We called the nurse back and she thought it might be the epidural damage she had causing the pain or kidney junk. She told us to go to the ER. 

I hate the ER but we went and checked into the expensive "bed and no breakfast". We checked in at 12 and we were there till 3. In that time we had a bunch of test run on her. The ER doctor was a medium height male doctor with MC Hammer scrub pants and a doctors coat that would fit a 400 lbs man, and bright blue Adidas shoes that. He was the strangest doctor I may ever meet, but he told Megan that she had nothing life threatening and then wrote a prescription for some solid pain meds and anti-nausea medicine. They told her she probably just has muscular skeletal pain, which is a way of saying she has a sore back, which we both already diagnosed easily before going to the ER. 
We got home and for the next 2 days Megan was in tons of pain and feeling way sick. We talked to her pharmacist sister who helped give suggestions about how to tailor her medicine in a way that would help her with her migraines, pain, and stomach. Finally she is doing better thanks to the meds from Dr. Strange and the help of a smart sister. Megan is now healthy and back to normal.
On a happy note I thought i would share my MC Hammer pants story. So I was in elementary school when parachute pants were popular for the older kids. My mom upon my brother Adam's request had made him a pair of parachute pants. I always wanted to be like Adam and so my mom kindly made me some. I was so excited to go to school and be the coolest kid around. I think I imagined everyone coming up to me and wanting to be my friend, and then going home and buying some for themselves. So i put on my very very baggy MC Hammer pants with a crazy fabric choice and I went to school. I didn't get the reaction I had anticipated, and in fact no one really said anything about them till recess. At recess a kid I was good friends with came up to me with a concerned look on his face and asked me why I was wearing Aladdin pants. I found out that his interpretation of my apparel was shared with about everyone. I never wore the pants again in public and instead they became my pajamas. I learned that age does matter when it comes to the things we wear!

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