Friday, April 22, 2011

Morning Curfew

     So i have been off at college for a good while, but now for the summer i am staying at home with my parents. I built these great stay up late and party hardy habits, that are now killing me. My dad has no curfew for what time i get home and so naturally 2 or 3 in the morning is fun, but he makes me get up at 8:30 to get going on my day so that i am productive. It is a genius idea, but it is killer. I fall asleep whenever i sit down. I have to eat to stay awake, which is not good either since goldfish are my snack of choice. Mostly because they are baked with real cheddar and they smile at me. It really is the snack that smiles back, they were not lying about that one. Not all of them have smiley faces though. And i am glad they made the goldfishes smile, because real ones don't smile and they can be dang ugly. Google found me this really ugly guy, who ate too many goldfishes himself. He looks dead though. Oh and fishes are seriously messed up. First off you have fish
always eating each other which is messed up. They shouldn't do that. Cannibalism is like totally a chill thing in fish world. I would hate to be a fish and always having my friends eat my fins and crap. That would chap me, no doubt. Then clown fish are even weirder. They are always chilling in the shock plant (anenamie) and they like brush their teeth on it and protect it. But why do they need to protect something that shocks fish and then eats them. And why does it not eat those clowns. Then clown fish are pedophiles besides being cannibalistic. They are all born males and then as they age they turn into girls. So you have all these males turning into females like natural transvestites and they are older women then going after the young boys like cougars. It is some messed up stuff. I would hate to be a fish, especially a clown fish. Talk about gender confusion and then dealing with girls stuff after you just got used to a boy life. Poor fish have it ruff. If i was a fish i would totally try to evolve and grow legs so i could get out of that society.
     So I completely got side tracked and what i wanted to say is that i get really tired when my dad wakes me up early. I should have just said that earlier. But I am looking for a job right now and i applied at lots of places, but i am hoping to get a job at a restaurant so i can eat great food every night after work. No taco bell for me!
     I also have been working out and playing sports. I am going to have a slam dunk contest with my old roommate Jacob this fall, and so i have to get stacked. I decided that to win i need to jump rope everyday and be happier so that i jump for joy about things and build up my calves. I need support from my friends to help me win. Then if that goes well, it is Harlem Globetrotters after that:-). Ok my posse, go with joy. peace out until next time i get bored filling out resumes.


  1. Brett-- your posts give me joy. haha

  2. what's all this fish talk? You spending lots of time with nate? ;)

  3. Haha you would think huh? But no it is just random info that has been stuck in my head.