Monday, April 18, 2011

My tummy feels fummy!

So today is Sunday but this could last into Monday if I ramble for 13 min, which is achievable unless for some reason i get bit by a paralysis spider and then i could take this into 2012 or a piece of ceiling could fall onto the tab and then enter key. I was boring today though and so no cool "baby saving from getting hit by a train" stories or anything. I did get angry last night or passionate sounds better. I was passionate last night because i got invited to a party for a friend, but i could only come if i brought a 12 pack. So ticked off i went to the store and looked for the worst pop i could find. So I found some Mexican apple soda and i thought "this sounds terrible, and so i will try bring it in spite." So i show up and this one kid sees me bringing in the pop and says, "i love that soda. where did you get it." My plan failed immediately and after trying it i decided it could be my favorite pop. Everyone downed the box fast and i sat in utter sadness as my plan failed. I guess Mexican pop is good after all. It actually tastes like green apples and what i found humorous is that it tastes more like apple juice then apple juice does. So it is called manzanita if you are interested in my bitter sweet pop favorite. So enjoy the sun apples!
Well i am going to drink one since my sister hid some and snuck them home for us. I am proud of her since now sun apples are flowing majestically down my esophagus. Take that party people. Good night beautiful peoples. Spread your wings and join me in the sky of sugary dreams this "splenda" night. (Hint: there was a punn). Buenas Noites.