Friday, April 15, 2011

T-pain is the shiz!!

Shiz means cool, which means T-pain is cool, which means I am cool. I pity the fool who messes with this guy.
I was proud of that for a reason that doesn't make logical sense and so it is not worth sharing. However the picture then would have also been not worth showing, and so i will share what is not worth sharing, which means that it is then worth sharing because i am. So i have to say instead it is worthless, but i am sharing it. I shaved my head like Mr. T to be cool, which is ironic because it didn't do that. Instead i had girls and guys looking at me funny, and judging be for being white but trying to be black, and for adding on my white trashiness by writing one my hands. Also every time i wanted to get across that I was Mr. T from the A-team I felt like i needed to say the words as i pretended to punch them. This leads to the problem of "the" being left out. So i felt like i needed a shirt that only said "the" on it to complete things but i don't and so alas I cut my mo-hawk off. This was the worthless thing that was not worth sharing, but was.
While I am talking about nothing, my Wisconsin shirt has a funny story behind it. Actually it is not funny. Actually i just don't want to get your hopes up for something that i find funny that you may not. So my roommate one day was chaffing (just wanted to use this word) me about how Americans don't know all the states. So he said he would give me and my buddy $5 for the first person to write all 50. So we began and i realized i forgot that dumb song that is suppose to help you remember the states. I knew i was in trouble. I worked hard though and we came down to the close of our time and I had 49 of the 50, but couldn't remember the last one. My buddy was in the same shoes. So i joked saying wouldn't that be funny if I forgot Colorado or something since i am from there. We laughed. We both lost, because we were both missing one. Turns out he forgot Colorado, which we joked about, and i forgot Wisconsin. So I joked after saying i would punch the next person i saw from Wisconsin. Next semester met two girls from there and I gave them hugs and not punches. Then i bought this shirt so that i would never forget that state again. I am $5 poorer now because that state exists.
Well i will leave this foodless, and animal less to mix things up so that people can't say "oh did you read that blog about animals and food?" So in case i don't see ya "good afternoon, good evening, and buenas noite."

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