Friday, April 29, 2011

A drama ward!

   The title makes it sound like a drama institution. Like a psycho ward or something. Which there is one close by with a bunch of scitzos and bipolars. My friends mom used to work there and told us about patients getting mad at others for squishing little people. One guy thought his next door neighbor was sneaking over while he was at work and putting gum in his dogs hair. The crazy part is that his neighbor wasn't doing it, but he himself was! I am sure you already saw the climax of that story coming so I added an exclamation mark that I hope you enjoy. I was wondering what it would be like if everyone instead of talking using mostly periods started talking using exclamation marks for everything. Like, I am going to the bathroom! I am sitting! Life would definitely be more happening!!!
    So under request I was told i should sum up the drama in my singles ward, because it is so exciting. I will change names however to protect identities. First off with Jack Weatherby nothing is going on since dating doesn't tickle his fancy much and since nursing school takes up all his time. His brother Wow Weatherby is in a land of yams, but yam is not what he wants and so he doesn't eat, but he dreams of going to a far off land where he can find Everlasting Gobstoppers of his liking. Soon we will go on this journey, because I am not a fan of Yams either. My situation is fun. I will call myself "tterB" to protect my identity. Tterb is this stud that is bad at the whole fishing game. Failed in his youth to catch fish and after a while of fishing good, has decided that this is not his sport. He would prefer to just hunt animals that prey upon him. In more simplistic terms, the girl do the work, because he needs a nap. All cozy in his hammock of single life, something pretty amazing has to come along to talk him out of it.
   Another individual we will call Easy Cheese, moved out of the land of yams to a more bountiful land. Good job Easy Cheese, but you need to still hang out with me.
   NOW for the fun stuff. A small boy by the name of Will Dallstrom is the chick magnet. He must sweat Diesel cologne or something for all the girls he attracts. He is in a triangle of confusion. If it were a stop light, he would be yellow. So he let Taylor Swift ride in his truck. She rode in the back seat till she left for education, then she jumped in the bed of the truck. Well she is back and wants the drivers seat, but I am sitting there along with the other guys and Dallon is not sure he wants to tell us to get in the back seat. This Cadid Nutrasweet is stuck on the consul (the thing between the drivers seat and the passengers seat, where you hide your candy and glasses in) and wants everyone to sit in seats that will make them happy.
    Now Weaver Boy is dating and happy, because well he is dating. Same with the Weatherby's adopted brother Tetris. He is going to weld a side car on his motorcycle. He is getting hitched.
    Sir Breaksalot is out fishing daily and having lots of success. I don't know if he keeps them all in the same cooler or if he is throwing some back, but he loves fishing now. He likes to flex and  get freckles to impress his fish. He is impressive, especially since he fishes from a stationary bike that is always pedaling. Wow go Sir Breaksalot.
    So that about sums it up. Everyone else is just floating on a wavy lake and getting rained on, but that covers the ones i wanted to. So drama is fun and hopefully it keeps up, and hopefully I get to hunt a cute fun bear that is charging me. I am going to a dance tonight and i am putting on my flirt shirt, party pants, and smooth shoes. Bring on the bears:-).
    Peace out all.