Sunday, May 1, 2011

Short and sweat

He has the moves, a possible
 "Dance Buddha" replacement
     I don't know why the saying is short and sweet, because some long things are sweet too. I don't know. But i am going to keep this short since food is almost on the table and my taste buds are yearning for food.
     Anyways a quick recap of the last few days. First off Brian Ford is such a good guy to have people over all the time and invite everyone so that everyone feels loved. I have enjoyed his dance parties besides the splinters i get from his wood walls, but the set up is sick and always good DJs in the house. My day do shine has not arrived, but it would be tough to compete.
     I also decided that i don't know how to dance. I tend to keep my feet planted too much and so it turns into more of me doing some form of exaggerated nonsense sign language. I just draw shapes to a beat and flap my arms like different species of birds. This is my cry for help to the Buddha of dance if there is one that can help a robot learn smooth and jive.
     I am good at sweating though and glowing (which is really just a more elegant way of saying sweat). I do sweat like a crazy man. When I play hockey with a helmet on i almost have a constant amount of sweat that comes from my tear duct. So i look all sissy because people think I am crying, but really I am as tough as tungsten nails.
     I have only lost in arm wrestling once to a girl and that was in middle school and she was as strong as an ox in an unnatural way and so i won't count it against myself. Anyways food time!
Peace out.

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