Saturday, May 7, 2011

Britney spears is wearing my jeans

So she isn't really, nor any other celebrity for that matter. Celebrities don't buy jeans at target, except I can't really speak for simon cowell from american idol. But I am cool with it, but i guess it is a big honor to have people famous wear jeans like me.

So this is this last video was produced by that amazing company that makes song about dumb things and sung by little girls sound catchy. Friday that one that is totally popular is another one of there miracle songs. Catchy beat but most terrible song writing of all time.
Their two songs by little kids that i like the most is...
So if any of you have little kids that may or may not be able to sing, let this company know. They could earn you tons of cash on a song about armadillos in love or a tire swing with water in it. No talent is involved to be successful anymore. This is the new american dream! You can become rich off of mad skills or a lack of all skills. William Hung proved that, so don't let anything stand in your way of being really good or bad at something. So take your beiber in today!

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