Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Shaq Shank Redemption (in free throws)

Well maybe i wasn't this small.
So basketball is like standing on a two legged stool. I feel tall for a bit before i fall down. When i was in my elementary school days, I decided i wanted to play basketball. So i got on some YMCA team for basketball and it was co-ed. This little Asian dude on my team kicked my trash and one of the girls was arguably better then me. I was average hight at the time, so no help there.
Jungle ball in the finest!
In middle school I started playing again with my Mexican homies. They taught me some cool moves. It was jungle ball so i didn't know what a foul was and to be honest I don't really know today. I just know karate chopping people, kicking the ball, and touching people too much are fouls. I loved playing jungle ball, but it was short lived when Roberto who was my best friend got deported back to Mexico by his own mother because of his bad grades. My other Mexican friend found new friends which he liked the taste of more. Called drugs and 420 became more important then Halloween and candy so i knew it wouldn't work. That left me with the other white kid who had worn a cup to school every day because he had some wracking moments in his life, and this kid was one of those kids that made you loco too if you hung out with him too much.
So bball took a hold till deacon church ball. I was terrible. I was small at the time, and every shot was either a brick or a feather. I couldn't find the happy medium. I also still had the jungle ball mentality and I usually got pulled out for too much karate and soccer in my game. So I hung up my towel for what i thought was the last time.
Then I got tall. My grandma started calling me her Highness, and that is when i decided to go again. I was now tall, so i could at least rebound some and make 1 or 2 points per game. But they had to be within a two foot circle around the hoop with no one around.
I went on my church mission to Brazil where everyone is awesome at soccer and terrible at bball. So i got major excited when i could take up to 4 of those little guys 4 on 1. I got back though and reality hit, so i started to practice lots. I became c*cky most of the time except for these few circumstances.
I was beat 2 different times by girls at horse. I got dunked on by a 5'7" guy. And a few others.
Then working at Uhaul I asked Ervin Johnson on accident if he played bball and turns out he plays pro.
However later at Uhaul I ran into a guy that played pro on the Puerto Rican team. He gave me this motivational speech that you see only in movies like Miracle and Remember the Titans. I was so pumped after he told me I could achieve anything and gave me his telephone number and told me to call him when I became amazing. I felt i could go pro after his speech and I tried for maybe a week. He would have been ashamed at my last game though if he had only seen. It was a Shaq shank.
My latest was at our last bball game when I got fouled and air-balled, no net even, both of my shots. They might have been the worst airballs ever. If any of my girl crushes were there and saw that I would have killed over in shame. Instead it was just momentary blushing and yelling "stupid, stupid" at myself in my head. Then I air balled one more the next time i got fouled. Worst game of my life. Even the referee was mocking me.

But Monday we played again and I shot a free throw that was beautiful. And that was my Shaq shank redemption.
Love you all mostly kind of! peace out.

They cost more then people think, like when
you miss 3 really bad!

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