Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The friend category

Alright my mom will softly strangle me for this, but she will be laughing as well. She is super excited about blogging and keeping track of visitors from other countries. So she was telling everyone that blogs on Facebook to add the Flag Counter to their page. Problem is that she missed the "l" when typing and put fag counter. Lets just say people were inquisitive to understand how that works. I got both kicks and giggles out of that.
My creative juju juices are not flowing as elegantly as normal so i figured I would post some videos i made up at school around 3 in the morning. Don't judge me because i obviously was sleep wired. So that is a dose of my on no sleep so maybe that is why my friends like me to hang out with them at night.
So I have been confused on a subject for some time now. And I want opinions on this one since i am obviously lost. Frequently I see guys who I feel are good looking amazing guys and I don't really see it go on the other way around, but they flirt with a girl they really like, and they seem to be playing their cards right, but they slide into the friend slot with the girl. So I wondered if it is because they need to be more blunt in the beginning, but I saw that fail as well, because it takes away the skill in the game. Then I watched those guys playing more backed off, but then they just get ignored. Which makes me believe that some guys just attract girls and others don't for some invisible reason. I feel like I have been this way, and with every girl i try using a new play-book, but I come up dry. So what is it? Does it come down to personality flaws, monetary means, or luck? I know that every girl is different and unique, but there is something in common in this trend that i have yet to figure out.
I also am on this dating web site for fun. I did it more just out of curiosity. And something surprised me! Being strong in a belief, and being chivalrous seem to be way more important than I realized. But it has been a fun experience. I am 6'5" and I have met a girl taller then me. I have also met legal midgets. The dating world is an interesting place.
Not dating for 7 months has been an eye opening experience and sometimes observing things from the outside  without distractions is the best way to learn.
P.s. the videos have no relevance.

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