Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peace is found under pillows!

DISCLAIMER: Has nothing to do with teeth, tooth fairies, chloroform, or hallucinations(well maybe that one isn't true).
Rain days rock. So sure they are gloomy, but i get work off for the day and i get to enjoy the rain. They don't give me work off for being to hot or cloudy, but i will take what i get. So today I did a lot of important nothing stuff. I paid my ticket for not wearing my seatbelt for one.
The Cop who literally pulled
my car over!
So i have had lot of tickets in my time. I got a couple speeding tickets, one which was 15 over in a school zone, was pricey. I have gotten out of a speeding ticket where i was going 18 over, and one where I ran a red light. Don't know how that one worked. I also have gotten like 10 parking tickets for parking the wrong way in a caldisack, parking too close to someones driveway, parking wrong at a meter, not paying for a meter, parking on a no park street, parking on the street during street sweeping day, and parking on the curb. So now i get a ticket for not wearing my seat belt, which is more like i hadn't gotten around to it, since i was leaving the parking lot. I also have been pulled over for having my license plate light out.
So what i am getting at, is that i only have 2 worthy tickets, the rest are sissy. I want a cool one like reckless driving, trying to run away from a cop, or just being too cool to drive. Something cool. I can imagine Jay walking will be my next petty offense.
So just had to vent some, because I feel like a Coca Cola that has been all shook up at times. So i would rather unscrew my own cap then make a mess of things on someones carpet.
My hand on left.
I don't know why i am bringing this up, but it is one of my top ten secrets about my life. It is funny though, so i will share it. When i was little i used to have panic attacks, which looking back they are a rush and crazy, but they were lame then. So you would be all chill and then BAM a panic attack, where you would panic. I remember running for like ten minutes between the garage and our front room in utter panic about nothing. It was tiring, but helped me stay in shape. Whoever said that mental disorders aren't healthy. However one time i had a panic attack and i thought i was turning into a girl. That was not healthy i can assure you. Then when i was mid attack my dad would shove my head under a pillow and although that sounds like abuse, it was helpful and they stopped.
I am better now, and my illness is gone, but I am still weird. So I can relate to mental illness people which is cool and I can say things like "I hear that", "word", "fo rissel", and "I know how that is." So if you are a girl that is cute and was attracted to me. Don't give up I am normal now with a mix of special. I can say i am a special human being without lying. So ask me out. Cuz even though i panic-ed about turning into a girl i didn't and I am a man.
They are trying to turn back into guys after
falling off the jungle gym.
Good Luck HOMIES!
And that whole thing came about because of a children's book. There was a boy who fell off a jungle gym and  kissed his elbow and turned into a girl. So then he had to fall again to turn back, which hurt. So this "children's book in reality scared the bergeebees out of me. Which that is not the correct way to spell that if you were wondering. Also for those who read avidly I am slightly sleep deprived hence the "two topic, comprehensive blog post."
Well now i am going to go look for pictures that relate, which will be an adventure all by itself.
Peace out my fellow rug rats?

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