Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Going out with Sugar!

I decided today that I wanted to write a romantic comedy short story that would give twilight competition. This is my attempt!
Mmmm, Yummm, love
One day I went to Horkleys to get gas in my car and rent a movie. I was looking at the Twilight movies, when this gorgeous girl walks behind me with her friends. They start laughing at me and I assure them that I was just analyzing the great drawings on the cover. Still laughing she turns her back to look at the movies. I feeling a sudden surge of courage go over and start pointing out good chick flicks she should watch. She picked out one I recommended, and then she prepared to leave. Then I decide a pick up line would be a good way to ask her out. I ask her if she has a trail map because i got lost in her eyes. She shuts her eyes and says "now you don't need one", turns, and walks away.
My celebrity crush!
Next day on campus i RUN into her walking to class, someone else catches her luckily. She then asks me why I was running and I just blush red and realize it is time for my second attempt at that touchdown. I quickly pull a sugar pack out of my pocket and throw it by her while she is busy thanking her receiver for his great catch. She looks back at me and I kneel down and pick up the sugar packet and say, "here you dropped your name tag when you fell for me" She looks at me as if she just swallowed a bug and then said, "better job on that one, but I am a diabetic."
I figured that there were still two downs left before a turnover on downs. So the next day I put on my cleats knowing the traction would only help me dodge any attacks coming my way. So I see her in the library that night and go up to her. When i go up to her I say "Well here I am, now what were your other two wishes?" She looks at me and says, "second is for a cheesy pick up line, and that just came true, and I am saving my third for when I see you tomorrow." I walk away smiling, but i know that tomorrow it is only "A" game, because it is forth down and I am going to throw a hail marry and get her number.
I wake up the next day and put on my Lucky cologne, which is an actual brand, put on some burts bees and my magnet shirt and go on the hunt. I see her after third period and she is sitting on a bench she points at me and then point to the spot next to her. I sit and try to flex some as a gorilla would to intimidate and impress his mate before going in. I turn to her and say "If I could rearrange the alphabet i would put "I" and "U" together." She looks at me and compliments me on my persistence and says, "So there is an "O" between "I" and "U", so what can i do for you." My face turns red as i realize i have just been extended a pity date by a beautiful girl.
So i tell her how i have a problem with my phone because it doesn't have her number in it. She types it in my phone under, "sugar" and she tells me that she just got her second wish. I blush awkwardly and then ask her if she is currently accepting applications for boyfriends, and she told me she is but she doesn't know how long it will sit in the filing cabinet. After she accepts my bet of $20 that she will stand me up I walk away with a smile the size of a waxing moon!
So one thing led to another and me and Barbie ended up on a wedding cake together. The End!

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  1. twilight for sure. However, it was lacking in smoldering stares. ;)