Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seconds of Fat Boys!

    So my regularity in blog posts has been diminishing. And my dedication to naps has increased. These are two conflicting events that don't co-habitate well. But truth is i have not met any weird people doing art or attempting to fly off their roof with homemade wings. I have a huge tarp in my backyard and I am tempted to make it into a parachute. I found this sweet ledge for my final testings, but i need a less big ledge to test it on first. Wings would be too challenging, because i don't think the pvc structure will hold up under my weight.
     I am now 2 bucks and one. That i think means i weight 201 pounds. Which it would be legit to try and get down just under 200 and then always be eating enough food to keep me at exactly that weight and then i can renew my drivers license and put that on it.
     And why can't i say I weigh 2 century pounds. Why does that only apply to years. Or I ate a decade of "fat boys". That is an ice cream sandwhich for those organic people out there.
     So "fat boys" are great. And yes i am going to tell a story, which is better then a musical alternative, because i can't sing. So in my ninja turtle days (they are exist) approximately five waxing moons (the moon doesn't even have hair didn't the people know that before they named that, of were they referring to the man on the moon) after my mother's birthday. I hope this is comprehensible with all my interjections like this one. But I was at my Nana's house on my mom's side and I said "Grammy I desireth sugar" (not referring to the girl Sugar). So turns out the people who work at the "fat boy factory" (which might be tied to an ironic coincidence that is highly probable) live right across the street. This was the day me and "factory seconds" were introduced.
     I am adding a new paragraph so i can put pictures in easier:-). Anyways these things are amazing as all get out, meaning they are the shiz, which means I hope they cover me in factory seconds when i die because they are so fantastic. Definition of Factory Seconds: not very presentable delicious mess-ups or masterpieces of experimentation. So these fat boys have ice cream and a chocolate bread. Which if that came in a loaf count me in for buying that and putting nutella on it. But the great thing about these factory seconds is that sometimes you get 3 or four slices of chocolate bread in the wrapper of double the amount of ice cream. It is always a surprise but never a gamble. Not like a blind date, but like finding money on the sidewalk. You could be surprised by the money amount, but anything over a dollar and you feel amazing.
     So rereading this I realize that this is like boggle, jumbled thoughts everywhere. My epiphany is this. The more sleep i get the more random i get and the less sense i make. So if it makes sense then you know how sleep deprived i am by the degree of understandability (cool word that doesn't get the red line of wrongness under it). So this is backward to how it should be, but here is a glimpse into my brain. If anyone is certified to diagnose me properly and not to hurt my sensings (synonym for feelings); am I prone to ADD? And i am prone to adding (like koolaid or milk to cereal), so i was referring to the mind condition.
     Well home-slices, ladies, lasses, and lads i am signing off without really signing off.

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