Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back at the Y I.

So since BYU is called the Y, It is official that I am going to try and get everyone to call this place the YI. Only makes sense. Anyways I have now been up at the YI for several weeks and It now feels almost like I never left. Also I am going to try harder to use my blog more on days when boredom hits, like Saturday mornings. So it has been awesome so far. I have become social again and I have met tons of new people. Although lately since I met this girl, there is not huge motivation in meeting new people, like girls. So I am taking some really easy classes, and Chem 105, which kicks my trash. However that will change soon enough. Also I like to talk about food, so here is my food rant. I love it, but I am already getting tired of the huge bag of cereal i bought, Romen, and rice. But i just bought Oreos from heaven and pop tarts from a western family. That is a brand if you didn't get my bad joke and heaven is not a brand if you were confused. Anyways this semester I met the prettiest girl ever. To protect her identity I will refer to her as Haley or maybe miss Jorgensen, or maybe Haley Dawn. Either way I am referring in code to this girl. Anyways we have done tons of cool things this semester already, and most of the time my room mates or hers are usually present. We have gone to the civil defense caves and played hide and go seek with glow sticks, and I got us in trouble with an army guy. Also we have been to several bonfires, and that has been hot. Then we have played lazer tag, watched movies, and last night we had homemade rootbeer.
So I suck with paragraphs, so i am just going to start a new one so the other one doesn't get too big. Any-who my roommate we will refer to him as Jacob to protect his identity, or maybe Brian is cool. We have lots of quality pillow talk about girls. He my personal guru and Buddha. He is so wise. He really likes a girl right now, and it wouldn't surprise me if he married her. He is ALWAYS thinking about her, and school, and getting big muscles.
New paragraph. Actually i am kinda out of things to say, plus i didn't really have much to say from the beginning hence all the rambling and lack of structure in my posting. Anyways life is swell and righteous. I actually wanted to use cowabunga there, but i don't know how to use it in a sentence and be grammatically accurate. So I like Haley a ton. And depending on which of you ever reads this, it is you. Between my sister and my crush. And i love my family, friends, and food. PEACE.
New paragraph. OUT
ps. I just learned how to put pictures on :-)

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