Monday, September 27, 2010

Sad Day

It is a sad day to see the weekend come to an end. I spent Friday morning debating on whether to go to Utah or not to see my dad and sister who were riding 50 miles with my old man. Old man in this context is referring to my grandpa of 80 years maybe and not my dad who is less then that. Anyways the rootbeer party was a flop and I guess that the root of the word rootbeer, but not the root part has a way of scaring Mormons off up here at the YI. Can't say drinking party either. Next time i will need to say float party and let their imaginations play with that. Hopefully they wouldn't think of smoking and getting high. There is no winning up here.
Anyways after that huge tangent, I was regretting that night for having stayed in Rexburg, and saturday was looking dismal as i wanted to spend the day with Haley J and she had other plans all day. Even a non-date with a guy to hot springs. YIkes. So i tried various methods and forms of guilt trips and persuasions to no immediate avail. However during the young women broadcast i got a text saying she would like to spend the night with me instead. My night got good. I got to spend the whole night with her. We played lazer tag and she got third out of all the people that came. She is my rambo, but the girl version. Maybe my Ramba or something. Then we had a fire and ate smores. I got to cuddle with her and i always want "smore" or that. Ok bad pun. It was an amazing night that made staying in Rexburg totally worth it. I think she enjoys seeing me run on my toes for her.
Sunday we (my roommates and I), went to church and had good meetings. The highlight was Sunday school though. Our teacher was on crack I think and was talking in weird voices and doing martial arts moves and using made up sayings. It was entertaining though, if that was his purpose. And now i know the influence of crack on Sunday school teachers.
Then i ate a pop tart, which i regretted.
I spent the rest of my waking hours with Haley the girl that beats my chests drum. We had a picnic that she and her rad and righteous roommates made for us. Then we went to the park later, and i got to spend one on one time with Haley learning about her and what makes her unique and special. Then we played games and made banana bread with frozen bananas, with Tay(short for taylor), Chri(short for Christine), Kutis(with a c and not a K), and Haley. I lost at nertz, but i had fun seeing everyone so intense.
This is too long. bye

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