Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homework equals lame

So i decided that when i get all annoyed with my homework, that I will write my Random thoughts. Ok so for peter and my mom and others, I have seen no cute black girls today, and the only girl buy me is a library cop and she doesn't have a badge in her wallet, and she has a sweet spirit i think, but that is it. Actually i didn't talk to her, so these are assumptions.
So monday i had a spiritual experience. This girl called by the name of Ashley Mono is sick with some heart pain thing. It isn't heartburn. It is heart pain, and her heart beats with a little too much gusto. So I went to visit her, to see how she was doing, and she told me that she had just prayed that I would come to take her mind off her heart illness. So i came and told her all my jokes and we watched a show about a spelling bee on TV. I remember being in elementary school and failing the spelling bee two years in a row, with sissors and libary. Just kidding I know how to spell them, but I didn't during the spelling bee. No joke. It hurt me though, and i haven't been able to spel since. It scarred me forevr.
After her house. I took peoples garbage out at her apt complex and since they were strangers, they got really confused when i would walk into their apt and ask for their garbage. And one apt was packed with guys and girls in the dark, watching a movie. They left their door open a crack and had their garbage just inside the door. I slow motion leaned through the crack in the door and while they all looked at me with puzzled looks i took their garbage and slipped out. I left them speechless. Then after i was already into the parking lot a girl yelled thank you. Who knew garbage could be so fun. Garbage men must do their job because they like it.
Ok now back in time before I went to her house i went to our combined ward FHE and ate 8 pizza slices. I have eaten way too much pizza here, but it was good, and I ate candy.
Now forward in time, I chilled with Haley and we had several special moments together.
More forward in time. Like the next day actually, which was yesterday actually, I chilled with Haley more. We even did homework together, which is really hard, because I just want to go do things and not homework. Also i decided just now, like this half-second to give Taylor a shout out. She is Haley's cousin and she is blond, and single, and waiting for a cool guy. Text me if you are interested. She is really fun and crazy and she has a funny run, she screams when i swerve at things in my car, and she enjoys long walks on the beach. She is a blogger, which means she is cool, and she is ticklish(this word is weird).
Well I am going to do homework again and keep my eye out for more black people, and I am going to eat rice and beans for lunch. Also i am going to bother(another weird word) Haley while she does her homework, and probably hang out with her a lot. Oh and I am going to tease Christine Haley's adopted tall sister about watching a scary movie with Curtis #4.
oh and p.s. I Morgan my roommate can shower and shave in approximately 12 min. Pure skill and no cuts.

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