Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miss Me?

So i have never been good at multi-tasking. I tried once to eat cereal while driving to work and i got milk spilled on me every time i turned the wheel. I try to talk at text amounting in the same kind of disaster. While others like Luke my best friend growing up can read novels while driving. He drives more with his knees than with his hands. The coolest thing i can do while driving is change shorts and tie my shoes. 
This is significant because I have now been dating Megan for 9 months; and blogging and dating are hard to multi-task together. I just plain struggle with it and so if this is a lame post then just think how milk is spilling all over me while i write.
Well today is a snow day from church. They canceled church because of snow and that allowed me to have time to write. However this is as long as this is going to be, because i am going to go make a snowman. Boo ya

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