Thursday, March 21, 2013

Touched & Touched and I Didn't Like it!!!

So as you can tell by the title today i was touched. However not emotionally yet (day isnt over yet), just physically. Once on the outside and once on the inside. This riddle better end here before people's imaginations run too far.

I just have to add before i go on that this is a blog worthy day!!!

The First Touch= First thing this morning i was REALLY tired and i went down to get my munch on before i got my school day on. So i pull out my usual tasty "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" and of course a bowl, spoon, and milk since i am not some weirdo that eats it any other way. No offense mom (she puts ice cubes in her skim milk to make it cold and to water down the skim milk even more. It is almost like she grew up in great depression times where you watered everything down to make it last.). So my "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" as i was saying got put in my bowl i ate my whole first bowl and noticed something black in my milk. I had eaten a whole bowl and say several bigger black spots, but i brushed it aside assuming it to be cinnamon clumps. I picked out the last black speck and at a closer peak it was a little black ant.
can you see the little guy?
I remembered that the last few days we had had an ant problem. We had next to me some ant traps to kill them. We had to throw away a stick of butter because they were all over it (they would have died from cholesterol anyways). Then 2 days later we had to throw some other food away that they had gotten to over night. So it dawned on me that is was those ants.
These ants are tasty minus the celery
The butter sat on the counter next to the bowls. So i brushed off the fact i had eaten ants and blamed it on not checking my bowl for ants before pouring cereal. So i poured another bowl and had mild poured and noticed those dang ants again. I was so mad. I hate wasting food more than anything. I looked in the box and they were a ton in there. Curse those ants. But i had poured a bowl and so i ate it all anyways and every time i had an ant on my spoon i would eat it aggressively to teach them a lesson. Each box has 1g of protein in it and i boosted it to 2. I also shook the box hard and i think i killed the rest. I kill ants that upset me, not aunts i love them. No like ants; like aunts (covered that).
So i had ants touch my insides! Then i took the box and put a note on the cupboard that said "beware ants in cereals!". My mom just told me though that she didn't find any in any of the other cereals:-(.
What I think he was thinking! :-(

The Second Touch= I went to school. In Ochem my first class i got there early and sat down. This obnoxious gay kid (gay to be taken both ways, but not the happy gay even though he was happy today) and sat right in front of me. He then turns and begins to tell the girl next to me about his date with this guy and how it is his second date with him, and how the guy kissed him goodnight and likes cars which he said made him more attractive and on and on. Sorry for venting. Anyways in the middle of class he reaches back for his coat i assume and misses in and grabs my pants instead. I was lounging out since i was getting sleepy. When he felt my jean's fabric it must have felt wrong an so he re-grabbed it a could times and then grabbed my leg. Then we turned around and said "oh sorry", smiled and then his attention went back to the teacher.
That was my second touch.
Touching in general is nice if you expect it and if it is from people you want. I have to ride the light rail every day and i get touched by strangers too much. They cuddle up to you on the bench that is already to small. Today there were benches open all over the train and this lady insists on sitting right in my leg space. Then she kept touching  my feet with hers. Play footsie somewhere else. I wanted to say that, but instead i just kept trying to curl up more and more until i was almost inside and out. So today was a touchy touchy day.
For more blogs post like these tune in yearly.

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