Sunday, January 22, 2012

The tree started it!

I haven't written this semester yet, and so I figured  It might be good to get back on the horse. I have been getting on the horse again for the last, i don't know how many, blogs which means that i am bad at writing frequently. This has turned into the time I had a journal on my mission and i started out as a daily journal and turned into a 6 month summary. So here i am in the Arpad my new place, which is a bachelor pad for those who struggle with dating. This holds true for me and my roommates. Actually it is just two of us since Dallon is in bliss with his Ms, and Robert is kinda engaged and so things are looking kinda successful for him. I am challenged, but i will make it like the little train that could. I am going to ask out a girl this semester as a goal of mine and i have someone who is going to set me up on a date. Also i have decided that i am a dating guru and that i possess all wisdom in relation to relationships. I have the perfect solution to every situation. I am pretty sure i could convince a squirrel to like an elephant.
A side note is that i am kinda addicted to candy and lemonade which is unexpected.
Also i ran into a tree on my skis. I felt like i was a good skier, but i straight shotted a stretch in the trees and then i was going to fast when i saw a tree right in front of me. I laid back so i wouldn't hit it with my whole body, and it hit me in the thigh. I got the worst dead leg of my life and my skis came off in the whip lash around the tree. I skied like 4 more runs, but i was skiing like a rookie and my pride couldn't take it, and it kinda hurt. I got home, but i was walking like I had 1 and a half legs. Dallon has owned a walker for old people for semesters. I would always ask him why he had it and carried it with him everywhere. He always answered by saying, "you never know when you might need a walker." Go figure; he was right!
p.s. if you think i look bad, you should see the tree! that is why you shouldn't start fights you cant win.

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