Thursday, February 17, 2011

Midterms blow like the wind in Rexburg

So just to clarify. The wind blows hard here and if you put that in my midterm equation as a constant variable, then you know what i am not a fan of, and how much i am not a fan of it. I just took an exam for a class that i studied my but off literally, but not. But i did study super hard, just my butt is still there is what i am saying. Anyways i got an 82% on the test, and the weird part is that I am super content and happy with that. I actually think it will be one of the best grades in the class as sad as that is. Anyways life feels good right now.
Sports are interesting as i am in 6 different intermurral sports: volleyball, basketball, battleship, futsol which is indoor soccer, and dodge ball. But really my teams are all doing good. Vollyball we are getting better and we almost beat the second place team. Basketball, we have won most of our games and our last game the pity rule came into effect, because we were beating them by thirty points. Battleship, we have found the secret to staying affloat, and we didn't get sunk this last week in all three rounds. Futsol, I was named MVP by my team for scoring two of our four goals this last week, and assisting the others. And dodge ball we are undefeated due to the fact that it starts late and we haven't had a game yet. All i can say is that i am getting super humble from all this winning and awesomeness that i have been throwing down. Ok I am actually struggling. It is fun though.
Anyways not dating, nor have i gone on a date this semester. I am hot so i can't figure out why i am not getting asked out more, but what ever:-). Also i have a really cute black girl that i want to take on a date, and she is from england and has a cool accent. So what is cooler then that. That is like two great things in the same present. But in all reality i probably will just wink at her and say hi, and never actually go to the work of asking her out, due to lazyness and shyness and other yness-es. Anyways i am going home now to my cornbread and ramen so be jealous and peace out.

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