Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bam and procrastination won.

So i am putting off homework. Not a new thing really. I just chose to blog in that time block of worthlessness. I don't really have much to say though. I guess i could mention my interesting day. So i met a girl who has an unknown ethnicity. I asked her if she was born in the US and she said of course and asked me why i thought she hadn't been. It was an awkward moment. Sooo i asked her on a date for tomorrow and we will see how it goes. She is gorgeous and is really witty and doesn't take my crap. She also handles awkward moments well, which happens a lot with me. She also is 24 and a return missionary. Things are looking pretty awesome, and i am super excited. Only problem is after the weird moment, which was oddly fun her ex-boyfriend got brought up. Come to find out i asked for her number the same day she broke up with him. I am hoping that is good timing. She also gets asked out a ton, which means there is competition so i am going to use my "A" game on the date.
"A" game is different for every guy probably. Mine includes a shirt that shows off my biceps and creates the illusion that I have muscles. I will wear faded pants to show i am classy. I usually will listen to some comedy before the date, because i feel funnier after that stuff. I will wear my best cologne, which is actually a decision in the moment and is left up to my mixing skills. I make sure to eat a breakfast of champions, which will be cinnamon Life cereal. I will eat candy to be sweet, and smarties to be smart. I will do a sudoku to be analytical and see clearly. I plan on chewing mango gum and being well hydrated. Also i will not eat lots of fiber, because that is never a good idea before a date. That about sums up my "A" game. Then there is"B" game and the others, but really it is a sad day if i don't have my good game on. Can't get a bad grade like a "C" on game. Average is sad and then you don't get to date really great girls.
Well back to homework, and watching Rocky on TV, which is a classic and i don't know why. It can't be famous for the acting, cuz that isn't great and the fighting is sad too. I really feel like Mr. T is what makes Rocky Rocky. The theme song is good too though. I feel like running with gloves on every time i hear it, and randomly punching the air. He also wears old school all-stars which is another selling point. So there are some awesome parts. Well i am going to go punch some frozen meat. Peace out homies.

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