Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleepy Me

So i have not written in a long time. So this is my repentance. I really don't know what to write besides the fact that I did a back flip on skis and attempted a front flip. This has always been a dream of mine, but i never thought it would happen. I tried so many times to do a back flip period and i never got close. My dream finally came true and my dreams as a skier are almost 100% complete. Just Corbet's Collier is left at Jackson. But i am just so excited i can't stop thinking about it.
Anyways i haven't slept much so i am not going to be witty or anything. I guess i should probably start doing my homework before i go out to play with my friends. It was a good day today though. I said hi to some really cute girls. I have this cute black girl in my Chem class that has a British accent. It is something awesome, but i haven't talked to her yet. There is also a Brazilian girl from Recife and i talked to her in Portuguese today. I also flirted lots with my cute lab partner. Then there is Page who is also really pretty and our relationship has yet to blossom, but it will happen. I need to work on my flirting though, because no girls have crushes on me right now. I am getting big muscles though. Well that is actually a lie. I am getting stronger, but i think my muscles are the same size if not smaller. I just got depressing bulk up genes. Do i thank my mom or my dad for that? Or do i thank some ancestor like 20 generations ago on each side, and i finally got the recessive scrony genes.
Oh and i decided that i should eat less tuna since it has radiation in it. So i have to find a yummy fish substitute that tastes good on "Granny's Delight Bread".
I am tired so i am signing off, and if i see a squirrel i will write about it, but they are hibernating. Peace out.

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