Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So i don't know how to spell spagetios. Is it with two g's (spaggetios)? Or maybe or is it eo (spageteos)? It could be sppaaggetios for all i know. Why doesn't spell check have these words? Google says it is spaghettios spelled with a capital O, which i find oddly hilarious. SpaghettiOs, and is has an h who would have thunk.
I promise i will not always talk about food. I don't promise that i wont though. And i talk a lot about english, because it is funny and i am bad at it. Like i just tried to text bow, like you would to a crowd. But then there is the thing that shoots arrows. Can i bow to a bow? And how do i know which is which, and what makes one be pronounced so different.
So besides that it rained and snowed today and i am learning to walk in slush, which is hard to do and not get wet feet. I get wet feet, because i tried to slide. Oh and puddles are only fun in the rain. Fact! I am cool. Fact! I am tired. Fact! I went swimming in a icy lake tonight. False!
I did class stuff today and went to FHE, and attempted lots of homework.
So another Fact! is that Jenica, who i am "dating" is fun and cool. She gave me spicy food and then we found cheese to make your mouth stop burning. Then i ate tons of cookies for the second time in one night. Then i cuddled with a significant girl, and we grasped one another's hands harmoniously. Which feels good, even if i don't really know what that means. I am sleep deprived, so this is more disastrous than normal for that reason.
Also i found out you can make ice cream with clean snow, and condensed milk. And i am still trying to figure out how you condense milk. It doesn't work whenever i try.
Also at Jenica's casa we were asking people if they had innies or outies. I found that these terms only refer to belly buttons, because everyone knew what we meant. Therefore you can't refer to your pocket or tongue as being outie, and so forth. Interesting huh.
I have a bunch of test crap tomorrow so text me good luck. Keep it under 160 words though, because otherwise it comes in two texts. Oh and I love being Mormon.
Peace out till lazers.
sincerely, the author

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  1. wow...just wow. You need to cut back on your life's adrenaline my friend...I think you are on an overdose. ha, ha. Did you breath at all when you wrote this? Just curious. ;)