Thursday, December 2, 2010


So i am told by my mothering mother, that it is not hard core to write only 2 lines on a blog. So now that i am feeling more hardcore i might just reach four lines, which would mean that i am twice as hard core as before. And i spelled hardcore with a space in between and Google told me that is wrong and that it goes together. I refuse to erase it though, because then this sentence wouldn't make sense if i did. Oh and Google is in my spell checker and it is a proper noun, because it yelled at me with that red squiggly line. So i right clicked and it said i didn't capitalize the G. Proper nouns are stressful to me, because you have to hit two keys at the same time. I wish it would auto-magically(i guess a - goes there) capitalize it for me. Another revelation is that i am challenged with the English language no matter what time i write. Oh and English is a proper noun too i guess.
So i have officially out done myself in hardcoreness(this is a new word i guess, because the red line is saying it is not a word and its closest suggestion is hazardousness).

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