Thursday, December 2, 2010

Animal Crackers

So i just wanted to write one with this name, since i had one called gold fish a while back. But i have decided that they have rainbow goldfish, that are just so much more exciting then the yellow pasty colored ones. So they should make colored animal crackers. NO red ones though, because obviously red flavored salty foods taste bad. They flavor it with beats or beets, the red vegetable, to make it red, but the flavor soaks in. Gross. So they should find an alternative like liquorish, or strawberries, or maybe even red dye. So many options and they chose a nasty one. That means if one out of five is red, then 1/5 of the box goes to feeding spoiled ducks and geese. By the way i can't tell ducks and geese apart anymore, but i think i could as a child. Maybe they are mating and the line is becoming foggy. But the things get goldfish, so they can't complain. Animal crackers are good though. I like to bite off all appendages, before gobbling down the body. Which if they were real animals  you couldn't do that, because it would be cruel, cuz they would suffer more that way. But back to the point i was going to make forever ago. I bought animal crackers to try eating with roman noodles. I am going to see if Anne the curly haired orphan has good taste in food or not. Oh and is Anne and Shirley Temple the same girl? I need to ask Google one of these days.
It is !:00 exactly so bed time has arrived. Peace out my avid listeners/readers, and i hope you were not bored enough to make it this far.

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