Friday, September 30, 2011

OK Cupid is my pond

So I am on a dating site! And it is a blast. People ask me why i have one and i say for fun, but then they look confused as if fun and dating sites dont go together. Flash, with news before it, (newsflash) they do. I went out with a black girl off of it and had a sweet time, and it was partly due to the fact i got candy on my frozen yogurt. And the sour worms and sweedish fish get wicked hard, and IDK why that is. But i have had wicked tall, small, thick, thin and middleish write me and it is cool, but what makes it fun is what you can write them.
I recently wrote this to a girl was paired with me because of my criteria. Her status said she was afraid of marriage and said she was looking for a non-creeper. I wrote her this:
"So it is too soon to ask you to marry me and I know you wouldnt from your profile. Which leaves me to eating scooby doo fruit snacks, which are awesome, and watching re-runs of Bonanza. Or you can just say hi and i will say hi back, then you can say hi again, and then we might get into quality conversations about saving whales and how we feel when we have to to watch scary movies alone. This sounds so weird and it is, but i am not. I am more just hoping you read all this and I imagine you scratching your head because you are confused and not because you have a dry scalp. I am like the toy in a cracker jack box. It is now up to you if you want to open the box and find me. I am a fun surprise. Ttyl and enjoy the caramel corn."
So will she write me? I doubt it. Am i a creeper? I probably am. Is it fun weirding people out? Why not? I do it every day and It is who I am. Why am i not married? Go figure (shrug) {I just shrugged}.

Love Bretty :-)

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