Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thor is not my name:-(

So i started a while back writing a  new post, but woe and behold a meteor struck my house and made it impossible to post it. Bad timing? So i went to the crash sight and no aliens:-( there was a knife stuck in a rock in the center, but i couldnt pull it out. My parents did not name me Thor or Author and so i am holding my parents accountable for my lack of becoming really cool and a hero. So i came home and ate a grapefruit and then some grape nuts and then some raisins.
Now days later after days of soldering wires my computer is fixed and I am posting my tall tale. It is a tall tale solely because i am tall, not because it is not true. Although I didnt not say it was not true. I should not not tell the truth. I lied and i feel guilty.
So i am going to bed, but i wanted to say hi to all of you invisible people and I am going to go brush my teeth with some minty Colgate. peace out.

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  1. Yesterday I met a two-year-old who is named Thor. I felt kind of bad for the poor kid.