Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beavers are Bad

So I took a break from writing my blog. My creative juices got blocked by a beaver. That is a metaphor, i would no ever have a pet beaver and no beaver is literally allowed in my head, but a figurative beaver has been blocking things up and creating mind lakes. I just am worried what the beaver is chewing down to block the river. I hunted it and it is dead. It may have had kids. And a baby beaver is called a kitten. Freaking weird! Why is it called a kitten. I could really mess up some kids minds with that.
So ask your mom if you can buy a kitten and then buy a baby beaver. That would throw her for a loop, and you cant stick him in the back yard because he will eat your fence. What a tangent, but no mind beavers for now and so hopefully i will do better about writing again.
Anyways last night i was talking girls with my friends (big surprise). I was telling my home friends how i meet girls. This surprise will be delayed till tomorrowish!
-love me-

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