Friday, September 30, 2011

I am distracted by the distracted! Ironic

So i am quietly chilling at the library. There is a girl in front of me sitting at a computer desk, with her laptop on the keyboard of the school keyboard and it is in front of the school monitor. She is strange and to top it off she is watching "The Crosby Show". She also took her shoes off, which is cool because at least she has good taste in socks. But she has her homework out, with obviously no intention of touching it since she is watching Crosby re-runs. I decided to not even get my homework out since at the moment I have no desire to study. I have been in weekend mode since i woke up.
Also there is a kid who is using a way higher decibel amount that should be used in a library and he has sparkles on his shirt.
Another kid has his foot on the desk and his laptop on his lap. It is so distracting and he has new balance. Which is a dumb name for a shoe since new balance is not something I am looking for. It is not like i was walking to school today and almost tipped over and thought to myself, "I wish i had new balance, because my old balance is getting old and unstable." And if someone does have trouble, I doubt people are going to buy those and think, "Now i wont fall over, and now i am going to unicycle." Just saying that it doesn't work like that. I am wearing plaid shoes and they make me feel like i am having a party, but i like them most because they slide on tile.
I need to go because I think the kid next to me is leering and might find out that I am people watching, because i keep glancing at his screen and then typing stuff. I think he is slightly paranoid. I love some of you and like some of you, and would even hug the strangers who are reading this, because obviously you are bored and for that reason you need a hug. They also sell them at most grocery stores next to snickers and kisses. Snickers usually don't boost moral btw.
adios muchachos.

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