Friday, October 7, 2011

Gum for my Tum!

Home-slice slicing! That is the phrase i just made up for hanging with my home-slices, which are rad people. An example of this is when the ninja turtle would hang out with April O'neil or with Casey Jones. So that is what i am doing right now in the library.
I would have gone home since it is a Friday, but they said if i waited an hour they would drive me home and so here i am wasting time. I also have a headache from chewing a piece of gum too long. Now my jar is tired as well. I have been chewing gum so i don't fall asleep in classes, but i am a bit worried since i am too lazy to find a trash can most of the time and so i just swallow it. I wonder now how much gum is just chilling in my stomach. If each piece sticks around for 7 days, then i might have a whole pack in there now. That means i might have a snowball size ball of gum in my stomach.

a gum alligator. cliche'

The End

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