Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cookies Squirrels

So I met a man who met a girl who know a sister of a brother who married his best friends cousin who knows the first man, who knows me. I am popular like this. People know me through people. I lately have been struggling to meet new people. I decided that I am afraid of being afraid and therefore avoid situations that might have fear, like talking to cute girls. That was unrelated.
So here is the deal. I burnt some cookies that I made and Rexburg just made me mad, because of the lack of birds and squirrels. I never see them here and I miss them. I wanted to feed them my burnt cookies, but if i just set them out on the front step like I was tempted, then they would just sit there. I dont want to take the plate out to the dumpster and I don't want it to stink up the trash. This is the reason for being angry right now.
Where are the freaking animals? Even a coyote would eat them i think, but since there are no squirrels, there are no other animal predators. So my burnt cookies sadly go into the trash, because the duck pond is too far to travel for 6 burnt cookies. I feel so sad, and I want to now catch a squirrel and breed them till they become numerous, and then I will breed coyotes. I just don't have breeding ground from such a large endeavor like re-population of squirrels.
All in all the cookies went to waste and Rexburg remains a barren land of color and animals. Just lots of wind remains to chill this thought even more in my mind.

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  1. I don't think animals would like burnt cookies. The squirrels are eating the pizza because it isn't burned. Sorry about your cookies.