Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Rice Crispee People.

The Rock uses body lotion. He doesn't sweat.
Wow it is Sunday morning, and what is loco is what i saw this morning. When I looked out the window, what did I see, but popcorn popping on the apricot tree. I could take a handful and make a treat, a popcorn ball that would probably smell like popcorn. Really it wasn't buttered or carameled. Then even if it was we would be dealing with ants and bugs. I like my pop secret the most, because I can hide with it and it wont turn me in or give away my hiding spot. It is a discrete snack. However it like all popcorn, says it is buttered. Some say they are super buttered, but they are the same as the normal buttered. So I would prefer it just to come with like 2 sticks of butter in each box and let me be the quantity control police.
Anyways I have no idea where popcorn cam from, but last night I watch the action movie for men, "Fast Five." I freaking love this movie for its ridiculous action and funny scenes. I always wonder those things like, "who would win in a fight between Jason Bourn or James Bond. So fast five allowed me to finally know who would win in a warehouse fight between The ROCK or Vin Deisel. Vin Deisel did, because he is the Pacifier, the Ridick, the triple x. It was a MNO a "mens night out" last night.
nothing like a gigantic rice crispee shoe
This brings me to my next thought, I need guy friends. So girls are fun, but there are so many flaky ones that don't put forth any effort. I dont want cornbread friends, I want me some good old Rice Crispies. They are sweet, but can be tough too. And no matter what stretching goes on, they come back together. They can be separate or easily become one again. And best of all they are sticky fun. I have guy friends back home that are rice crispee friends, but i have no guy friends like that here. There is no man law here. I meet cool guys and then they get girls. So I decided that i need to find dateless friends.
The young women's president for the church came here and told the girls to stop hanging out. She told them to turn us guys down unless we call and ask them on a date. So things are really getting tough here. And this is my reason for needing bros. But i want guys that are crazy and will go nuts. We went to a party the other night, and out of the 200 people there, our group of 5 was by far the craziest. People were coming over just to watch the show. Rexburg needs more wild childs.
And I want to thank all my friends that read these. It is cool to have friends like all of you. I feel like the luckiest guy at times, because I have some very loyal and loving friends and I cant thank you all enough for your awesomeness.

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