Thursday, October 20, 2011

WII likes Girls

I am very tired right now. I am watching some retarded show where people keep beating each other up and smoking stuff. Justin Timerlake is in it i think, but the sound is off and I am just semi watching it for no reason. It makes no sense with the sound off. I don't know how deft people do it, because it is confusing. Anyways tonight I did some dancing game on the WII and I decided that I am terrible at it. I was like delayed on everything. The hard part about the game is only partly the dancing. Mostly however it is seeing to words OK or good and then seeing Awesome on the next persons screen. You can be getting OKs while the person next to you gets awesome and great. It is anything but a self esteem boost and I think it is discriminatory, because it seems to like girl dancers more than guy dancers. Well i am super tired and my mind is like going to sleep and into hibernation before my laptop does and that is just weird. Lazers


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  2. OOps, I must need sleep too. You meant the game wii loves girls. ;)