Sunday, October 16, 2011


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So my last post was serious so i thought i would do a rambler. Funny thing is i am looking around at the living room at like bananas and wondering what to say.
So Seinfeldatosis is a disease where you wont date or stop dating someone for ridiculous reasons. I have a variation of this disease called Selective-Seinfeldatosis. This is when you do the same thing, but in order to convince yourself not to like them for a completely unrelated reason. I will give examples, but don't be offended, because I choose not to date them first. For one I went on a date and the girl had a lazy eye and even though I had talked to her so many times before i had never noticed. So i spent the whole date confused as to whether or not she was looking at me or not. I could have gone in for a kiss thinking she was looking at me, but really she wasn't. So I went to hug her goodnight after a long date and she refused. So I decided the lazy eye thing was a deal breaker and that was that. So the disease usually comes into effect on selective terms.
However there was a girl i liked in high-school and so I sat behind her so i could flirt more. One day in class we were taking a test and he was leaning way forward and her shirt came up in the back, and a bush popped out. After catching glimpse a bush was burned in my mind and that ruined that. I have had selective-Seinfeldatosis. I have tons of examples ranging from hairiness to makeup. I once had a major crush on a girl and then at a ward breakfast saw her with no makeup and I was shocked speechless. This disease even enters personality. I stopped dating a girl because she was too mean a couple "days" each month(period.) Then another girl would always talk in ridiculous voices all the time and i am not sure what her real voice sounds like.
So all this sounds super mean and I am not that way. I find tons of girls beautiful, but that may be a reason for still being single. And I know everyone has their moments of these symptoms. And for that I am self conscious about a mole on my left leg or about my tooth that sits crooked. I also have a calac in my hair that inhibits me from doing a fohawk. I have big gaps between my big toes and my toes are very webbed. These are just a few of my own, but i embrace them. I have a buddy who trims his eyebrows and armpit hairs. That was unrelated. But these are my thoughts. Finding a deal breaker is my best way of getting over a girl that I like or that i might like.
The end and no hating.

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