Monday, October 17, 2011

Kung Fu with a slice of wonderbread!

I have very limited battery and so I  am limited in what i can say. I was just wondering why all Chinese people do martial arts. I believe it might be to their gymnastics programs in kindergarten or their more elaborate school yard fights. Perhaps their gym classes are just fighting/dancing lessons, because this would explain their natural ability to do hip-hop too. Then there is the possibility that they are drawn to it, like white kids are to rodeos and video games, like Brazilians to soccer, like Mexicans to pinatas, like nerds to computers. They also might have the genetic coding to make them more agile and reflexive. I want to see an Asian goalie, because this could possibly set all suspicions aside. Their bone structure alone is strengthened to karate chop boards.
So I wonder if you made a Asian black person if they would be invincible. Breed The Rock with Jet Lees offspring and you get a miracle baby. Then if they made a sandwich it would be made with Wonder bread. Oh and a side not is that i love to put high-fins in words, but they didn't want one in Wonder bread. Well that is my thoughts on kung fu and pandas are also naturals due to their Asian heredity.
The End

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