Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guilty Laughter! good or bad for the soul?

So i just remembered a moment in life worth recounting. I was mowing this guys lawn who had two blind dogs. How you get two blind dogs is sketchy. But they were both blind. At first i just thought they walked funny and had dark eyes. They would walk like they were drunk. But while i was mowing, they started trying to run away from the mower and they were running into the playground equipment and bushes. And you know those moments where you laugh for a bit then stop because you feel bad for laughing, but then you repeat this every time it happens. This was totally one of those moments. It was so funny. I therefore feel it would be the best job to take care of blind animals. Cuz everyday you could wake up and laugh about something. Although I would probably become more sinister over time. I just think blind birds and cows and kangaroos might be really funny. I do feel bad about it though.
I went to the special Olympics to help out. And i can say that there are special needs people that would make me look special if i challenged them, because they were so good. I was helping out with volleyball though and there was a guy that looked identical to Mr. Burns from the Simpsons and he didn't move a muscle the entire game. He would blink when the ball would hit him, but he was a statue stuck in bump mode. This was another moment where i laughed and i shouldn't have, but I cant help it at times. So i guess there are moments like these where we laugh, like when i guy falls out of his chair or slips on jello. We laugh and i guess even though we feel bad about it lots, it isn't so bad to laugh in the end because life is about joy and laughter.
So i am not saying to go laugh at special people or painful moments all the time, but when you naturally cant hold back, just let the moment happen.
I ate bad bananas!
I am right now writing this late and i don't know why. I do thank all who read this. You are all my favorite people. And now i have hw i have been putting off and juice to drink. I have some chips with out salsa that need to be chewed on. But you all who read this are my inspiration for continuing. So i shall never give up and never surrender.


  1. I'm glad I got the chance to read this :-)

  2. Oh you make me smile!! How glad am I that you started blogging?! honestly, how else would I be so entertained.