Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sunday, not Monday Monday

There is nothing like waking up an blogging in the morning. I am awake and  alert and weird thoughts come to mind. Like i was just thinking of when laugh when texting. I always laugh the same time which in not always accurate. I go haha, but never ha because that has a different meaning and never hahahahaha for who knows the reason. Maybe i feel that is to much laughing for a text or something.
However i have great news! I finally did my 5x5 rubix cube. I always got stuck at the same part and i could figure out how to get past it. However is just clicked to me yesterday what i needed to do. It was super hard since you have to do a more that manipulates 3 surfaces and they all have to complete on another and go in all at the same time. It was a jump up and down and laugh like a giddy boy moment.
Besides that epic moment, i had the privilege of going to the Warren Miller film yesterday with some die-hards and it was amazing. I want to ski so bad now. I drive by a house and I think "I would love to jump off that."
Then i went to my friend Katie's place and 4 of us drank a cup of Jello through a straw and it ended up being hilarious. The noises were so funny. Afterwards my stomach was sore from laughing and my mouth from sucking.
So yesterday was a day to never be forgotten. Then today I am blogging, which is interesting. Whenever i tell someone i am blogging or that i have a blog i get looked at strange. People always sound so surprised and I don't know if that is because I am a guy and I am blogging, because it does tend to be more of a girl activity. It is like being a guy and saying you sow or get your nails done. Which i like to go to a friends house here at school on Sundays and get my manicure and then I paint their fingernails. Is it gay? Maybe a little, but i am just that solid in my masculinity and I make up for it by burping and having hairy legs. I also think people might be surprised I blog because i don't seem like the type. I think most people think of blogs as being about clothes, fashion and other art stuff. I am not artistic and so that is understandable. One day it will all make sense.
I personally like to blog to just feel like i have a creative side and so i can talk about weird things.
OK i need to go to church. peace out homies.

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